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BGEE 2.5 update and BG1 NPC Project mod overlap?

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I was reading about the features and fixes in the 2.5 update for BGEE (http://blog.beamdog.com/2018/08/updates-to-baldurs-gate-enhanced.html) and a couple of things stood out to me.

- Branwen should interject when confronting Tranzig in Beregost.

- Kivan should interject when you encounter Tazok at the bandit camp.

- Tazok should have a appropriate response if Kivan is in your party.

and a few others. Doesn't BG1 NPC Project have several components that add its own content to these previously missing features? I wonder which dialogues are more interesting. Anyway, I just wanted to ask if anyone was keeping these changes in mind for the BWS (or whatever is being used currently for megamod installations) when everything gets updated and released everywhere soon.

Apparently IWDEE has a few upcoming changes as well as of 8-17-18 (http://blog.beamdog.com/2018/08/icewind-dale-enhanced-edition-new.html). I'm sure people are already on top of all this, but I just wanted to check. I'm so excited that the long-awaited dream of EET + IWD-in-EET is getting closer to being realized! Cheers.

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