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Removing gender/race checks from romance scripts


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Im trying to do this for Neera to start off with. So I opened the NEERA.BCS script with NearInfinity and remove the two gender checks, without touching anything else.


Im in the BG 1 campaign and Neera has given the forest talk and the adoy side quest. However i dont seem to be getting any of the romance talks at all (my character is female, hence the script change). Im not in a romance with any other companion.


Im wondering if the script change I made only takes effect on a new game? Or does it work if I load a save as well?


I did some searching and I cannot find any concrete answers on how to start the romance talks with the console. The closest i got was a thread that says the romance variable can be checked via : CLUAConsole:GetGlobal("neera_romance","global") but when I try it, I am told no such variable exists.


Looking at the script again, I think it got renamed to NeeraRomanceActive for the EET...but the console still says no such variable exists and I cannot find any such variable in the savegame file via EE Keeper either.


Does anyone have any idea how to make this work?


Edit : I finished the adoy quest, but still couldnt get any of the romance talks to trigger. I then tried changing my character's gender to male and I was able to get it to trigger. Either the Neera in my savegame is not using the updated script in my override folder or theres another script that I have to edit.


Any ideas?

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In EET, Neera's BG1 script would be NEERA_.bcs.

Cheating her romance to work for a female PC is not so easy, because as far as I can see the "Gender(Player1,MALE)" check is repeated for every romance talk anew. Meaning, even if you set the "NEERA_ROMANCE" variable via console the talks will not trigger automatically. Also, the dialogues itself need more triggers than the "NEERA_ROMANCE" variable (there is also a local variable each and also the romance timer is checked as dialogue trigger), so it's possible to trigger them by setting the right variables and then click-talking Neera, but you'd have to look all the variables up first.

Removing the gender check from this romance track is not trivial, unfortunately, because BeamDog coded it a bit differently than what is current modding standard.

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I just realised that cdtweaks has a component that removes gender checks for romances, so i installed it. But i still cannot get the romance talks to trigger if my character is female...I had to change the gender to male to get them to trigger.


Are scripts not meant to update if you load a save or something?

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There are four gender checks in Neera.BCS; if you change all of them you should be good to go until SOD.


I checked her dialogs in the main campaign and there aren't any gender checks there or in any other scripts pertaining to her (SOD not included; I don't have it installed to check).


Edit: oops I missed that you're using EET but there still may be four gender checks in her main script, not just two.

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Tweaks is supposed to, but I've apparently missed this. Luckily, v5 is imminent--I'll see what I can do.


edit: Sorry, I can't read. The romance components for Tweaks do work on the Beamdog NPCs, but only for BG2 romances.

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Activating the romances in SoD is actually pretty easy:


for Neera, set Global("bd_neera_romancecheck","global",1)


for Viconia, set Global("bd_viconia_romancecheck","global",1)


for Safana, set Global("bd_safana_romancecheck","global",1)


and then you need to walk over the right triggers in the right areas, as listed here.

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