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.spl file name length limitations?


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I have some vague recollection that there are some specific cases when .spl file name of 8 symbols won't work, only file name of 7 symbols will do. Is it me imagining weird things or there are indeed some cases where 8 symbols long .spl file name will screw something?

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Thank you folks, I haven't hoped for that much knowledge on that short notice! :beer:

I've also found that opcode 257 (Sequencer Creation) only work with 7 symbols long spells, that's probably what Alien did referred to. So, it's opcode 172 (171 is not confirmed by IESDP actually but they might be wrong?), opcode 257 and scripting actions 160. I wonder if this scope is big enough to keep all my spells named with 7 symbols limiting my options in regard of spell naming or should I generally not care but keep an eye for the spells that might fall to one of these conditions. What would you advise, which is the best practice?

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My rule of thumb, just use 7-letter filenames for spells, full stop. Certain script actions and opcode 172 can fail on 8-letter files. It's easier to use 7 letters everywhere, than to try to remember which circumstances need which length.

according to Beamdog not needed in EE patch 2.5: http://blog.beamdog.com/2018/08/updates-to-infinity-engine.html


Removing 8 letter spells should not fail (vanilla bug)


this info should be added to IESDP

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It's still best to stick to 7-character filenames for most spells, reserving 8-character names for those generated by hard-coded suffixes, both so they can exist, and so they do not overlap.

Opcode 257 still requires a 7-character filename in order to grant it's activation abilities, suffixed -D and -P.

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