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I'm searching for a npc mod that some guys translated

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Bloodtitan worked with Sergio! didn't he say you?

Sergio translated many files... In the end he sent all the files he translated to Bloodtitan because he said that the left text was all in German or simply unrecognizable on the translation.

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It shames me to admit that I do not remember much about my communication with Bloodtitan. Even worse, I had to look up his name because I forgot, too. Which is in no way any sign for missing respect from my side towards Bloodtitan as a person or contributor, but solely due to my bad memory if it comes to names and communications that happened longer in the past.


I am also quite shocked to notice that I didn't, at all, mentioned any names for the English (part) translation in Breagar's readme. I know I didn't want to rewrite the credits and comments section, but naming the translators/proof readers would be something I really thought I'd have done. :blush:

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