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G3: Alternatives 13.4 now available!

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The Gibberlings Three


Another Anniversary Update, Alternatives is now available in version 13.4!

This mod offers alternative pathways for choosing allies in your Baldur's Gate II, BGII:EE, or Baldur's Gate Trilogy games.

Already in version 13.1 a little but important rearrangement in Aster's path was introduced: the PC can now ask about the tasks before agreeing to do them.

Changes for v13.4:

  • (German version) changed Aster's dialogue slightly to make it clear that Zahl is waiting downstairs
  • When accepting either Aster or Maleficus no more guild fights should happen in the streets (SetGlobal("VampShadWar","GLOBAL",6))
  • After accepting Aster the poison vendor for Maleficus won't be present any longer.
  • Note to readme added: Edwin can only be recruited if the quests for Renal Bloodscalp are completed before accepting an alternative to Brynnlaw.
  • Installer updated to WeiDU v246


Learn more about the mod

View the Readme

Visit the Forum

Download the mod

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