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NPC Profile - Minyae

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   (Default Portrait by Cher-Ro)        (Alt 1 Portrait by TamikaProud)       (Alt 2 Portrait by ErisForan)            (Alt 3 Portrait by Aerwindale)


Minyae Beaurin - "Knowledge is Power."



When asked about her past, MINYAE scoffs at you. She tells you that she cannot remember her parents or any type of family for that matter, only that her "family" was most likely dead. In fact, the only thing she can remember is that her full name is Minyae Beaurin, and that she has always had a talent for thievery and magic. "Stealing is what kept me alive when I was alone, and magic is what I used when I figured out there was an easier way to get what I wanted." She looks as if she is about to tell you more but abruptly stops in her tracks, looks at you square in the eyes, and then turns away.



Race - Elf

Class - Enchanter/Thief

Alignment - Neutral Evil

Strength - 12

Dexterity - 19

Constitution - 11

Intelligence - 17

Wisdom - 12

Charisma - 16

Proficiencies - Dagger, Dart, Two-Weapon Style


EDIT: Added an additional alternative portrait in v2

EDIT: Added an additional alternative portrait in v3.4 but replaced Alt2 by DominiqueWesson for more "BG-Likeness" options. However, the original Alt 2 portrait will still be available in previous verisons.

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