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G3: Geomantic Sorcerer, Every Mod and Dog Receive Updates

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Another pair of mini-mod updates keeps the anniversary celebration going.

The Geomantic Sorcerer Kit is strongly based on the Druidic Sorcerer Kit by Constant Gaw, and resurrected by hlidskialf and loosely based on the Geomancer prestige class from the AD&D 3rd Edition Masters of the Wild manual. The kit combines the sorcerer's spellcasting methods and spells with additional druidic spells and abilities and features its own unique tiered HLA progression and custom spells. Version 5 adds EE compatibility, specifically making it a proper sorcerer kit for EE games, as well as streamlined code. Download the mod, visit the forum, or learn more on the project page or readme.


Every Mod and Dog (EMaD) is a WeiDU-based mod that adds a selection of small diversions and sidequests to Baldur's Gate II, original or Enhanced Editions. Its major aim is to recapture some of the more buoyant and adventurous spirit that was found in the original Baldur's Gate. Version 8 adds EE compatibility and some minor bugfixes. Learn more on the forums, project page, or readme, or download the new version.

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