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suggestion how to implement kits in EET

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I'm trying to do something a bit complicated: I'm adding a kit to the game, which will not be available in the character generation menus. Instead you will have a chance to switch into the kit at some point during BG1.


However, in BG2 the kit should be available in character generation menus, since you might have chosen the kit in BG1.


In the regular games, this is easy, simply delete the kit from K_X_Y.2da if [ GAME_IS ~bgee~ ] But in EET BG1 is just an extra campaign, and all of the campaigns use the same version of the K_X_Y.2da files. Any ideas for whether/how I can make the kit unavailable in the BG1 campaign in EET?

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you would need to edit UI.MENU file, CHARGEN_KIT section. For example by additional "enabled" condition like this:

enabled "enable_kit(chargen.kit[currentChargenKit].id)"

that calls a function like this:

function enable_kit(id)
  if currentCampaign == const.START_CAMPAIGN_BG1 and id == 'id_of_the_kit' then
    return false
  return true

untested, probably would need more effort to make it work as expected, but this is the general direction if you want to spend time on figuring out how to make it work.


edit: from what I see something like this exists in Lefreut's GUI, so refer to it for example code: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/61571/mod-lefreuts-enhanced-ui-for-bg1ee-sod-bg2ee-and-eet/p1

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I've never really paid much attention to the new 2.0+ UI customization, because my understanding has been you can't do it in Weidu and have cross-mod compatibility the way you can with regular mods.


Like, if my mod (Faiths & Powers, near the middle of a typical install order) does something like that to remove the kit from the menus in the BG1 campaign, and then players come along and install a UI mod, won't that later mod overwrite my change? In which case the effort will be wasted. ?

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