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EET Install guide

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Hello all, I am trying, or I should say that I would like to install the mod Enhanced Edition Trilogy. I installed it no long ago, a month or so. However, my PC died on me and I had to reinstall everything and now I would like to get the EET game going once more.

I went to the Beamdog forums where I thought I had DL'ed the EET previously and I got it downloaded and extracted to a folder.

I installed the two games BG: EE (Seige of Dragonspear) and BG2 EE. I created a saved game in each game. When I run the EET update.bat, the Enhanced Edition Trilogy main screen loads up.

I select BG 2 Enhanced Edition/EET from the drop-down window on the bottom right.

I then click continue and put into the two folder destinations for both games. I don't touch the DL folder. The language of English is already selected, so I leave that be as well.

I then can pick which mods I would like to install. When I click on the drop-down arrow I only have one option to go to the next page and select, individually, each of the mods I would install.


When I installed the EET last month, it gave me some general options. Like Minimal, Recommended, and a few other options past Recommended, all of which were very buggy and a pain to install. However, the drop-down list is not there, I have no options to chose from.


On an off chance, I DL'ed the Big World Setup and set it up the same way and when I get to the option of choosing what mods I would like, it *DID* give me the options of installing the Recommended set of mods. I did this and the first time it hung up on Stratagem Guide or something like that for a day. So I uninstalled both games, cleared My Documents of the BG folders and started over. This time on the BWS, I chose the options to automatically get rid of mods that were trouble or could not DL. and the third option below that, I chose to continue the install no matter what. No error reporting.

Well after about 2 hours, the install was down.


Well when I started the game, the BWS version was different than the EET. There were several interactions and things, in Candlekeep and right outside, after Gorion died, that I could do in EET that wasn't there in the BWS install. Especially two people, besides Imoen, joined the group, right after Gorion died. Well, one was a wolf, the other was a female Cleric/paladin. When I made it to the Friendly Arm Inn, there were a ton of other merchants and the avatar of Mystra, masquerading as a merchant in the temple.


This is the modded version of the combined game I am looking for. I know it was the EET version that did that, when I installed it last month, but when I try to install the EET version now from K4thos, I get no option choices to install and I am not comfortable at all at picking willy-nilly all of the mods that I would like to install for the combined games of BG 1 & 2. I would like to install the EET recommended set of mods for the game. It was extremely refreshing to start the game and have so much new stuff all over the place.

Can someone please give me a tick by tick setup or point me to someone place other than here or Beamdog forums as I have tried those and they are not working for me. I know it is something super simple I am missing.


Thank you for your time and luck and loot to you all.



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Hello K4thos, I went to the link you provided. I read it extensively, twice actually. and I started installing the game. It took just over 24 hours to install the entire thing as I had to make a few choices. As it asked me for input about portraits for NPC's.

For the most part, the installer hung up a lot. I somehow figured out if I put in the letter 'C' for *continue* in the line and then hit the middle button under the scrolling install window it would start up again. I tried it once again to install the Sandrah's saga and it still would not install. It kept saying that it was missing the required mods.


The scrolling text didn't tell me what I was missing so I found a site that had all of the three Sandrah files and put them in the download folder. I put in 'C' again and hit the middle button. It started installing again. It didn't install it even when I put the mods in the download folder. Right after that, it said it was missing about 5 more mods that it needed. It gave me some options to hit the 'D' key and it opened a tab in my browser and started downloading additional mods.

Well after they downloaded the installer gave me an error saying that these mods were only for original BG 1 & 2 EE and not EET. *facepalm*


By chance do you have some readme written up that you use to install this thing? When I installed the game last month, I used the recommended install feature and it installed the mods I was looking for and was really super simple and I didn't have to make one choice, it just auto-installed. When I started this install the day before yesterday, the Sandrah mod was no longer listed in the Recommended option, I had to install the maximized option.


I am uninstalling the games again, this is the 5th time in 5 days..lol.

Baring you not having a personal Read-Me, are you aware of a Mod install guide to BG 1 and then I'll just export my char and import it into BG2 when I get done with BG1?


Thanks for you assistance and have a great day.



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I'm afraid, I have no knowledge how BWS works, so can't help you with this problem.

By chance do you have some readme written up that you use to install this thing?


I'm not playing with mega-mods. There are maybe 10 mods that I'm interested in, so I'm installing everything manually.

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Hello southfla79, I have to say I don't recall seeing that page at all. I did do the two testing buttons, I think it's like the 3rd or so page in. I just reinstalled them again and wiped the drives and the My Documents folders as well as the Downloads folder where everything was put. Let me restart the BWS/EET version. That's what I would really like to have is the 1 & 2 a "seamless" huge game. I'll get back here if I have any questions. I wish, someone who knew what they were doing could walk me through this over Skype or something, haha.


Oh snap, I am sorry k4thos, for some reason I thought you were the modder who created this mod. Man, I am sorry. Hmm, well thank you for replying back to me nonetheless.


Have a good one. I'll just try to DL all the mods I would like and install them manually.



Luck and Loot to you.


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Weird....the conflict/dependency page/window should have showed up since you were missing dependencies for the Sandrah mod (also note it'll call out dependencies and conflicts for any of your selected mods). The window I'm talking about looks like the attached screenshot. The orangish color signifies a missing dependency. An entry highlighted in red indicates a conflict. For more help with BWS you can check here for the original version of BWS or here for the version that only supports the Enhanced Edition games.


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Guest Jerbubu

Not sure if it still works as of June 2021, I have been trying to install the EET mod since yesterday and there's always some error during the installation...
did install both BG EE/SoD and BG2 EE/ToB

copied both their install folder into C:\Games

merged the thingy for BG EE and SoD

extracted the EET -master into BG2 directory then started install, when it asks me the where to install I put C:\Games\Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition, it starts the instalation then gives me an error msg:

Copying 63 files ...
Stopping installation because of error.
Stopping installation because of error.
Stopping installation because of error.
Stopping installation because of error.

ERROR Installing [EET core (resource importation)], rolling back to previous state
Will uninstall   2 files for [EET/EET.TP2] component 0.
Uninstalled      2 files for [EET/EET.TP2] component 0.
ERROR: Unix.Unix_error(20, "stat", "EET/temp/patch/cre/BDBART01.CRE")
PLEASE email the file SETUP-EET.DEBUG to K4thos (swit)
Using Language [English]

Install Component [EET core (resource importation)]?
nstall, or [N]ot Install or [Q]uit?

whatever I do, I always get this message and it's starting to really piss me off

any help would be very appreciated

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Guest Jerbubu

so I managed to install BG EET after many, many tries. I have another problem, I launch the game, the background of the screen menu is different, I click single player then new game, then nothing, background is still there but all the menus have disappeared, the only way to quit the game is to alt\tab and to close it.
I really dont get what I m doing wrong, I m following install instructions to the letter 

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