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Dwarven Defender can't dual-class when selecting expanded dual-class options

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Activated the tweak to allow non-human chars to dual-class.


Have a (dwarf) Dwarven Defender that can't multi-class. They have 18 wis, 16 dex, but can't dual-class to either thief or cleric. Not sure if this is because they're a dwarf-only class and so all dual-classing should be disabled?


The mod is definitely active as I dual-classed a half-orc berserker to a thief.


Ended up EEKeeping it, seems to work now.





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Dwarven defenders require 15 STR, 10 DEX, and 15 CON to dual-class into something else, plus the requirements of the new class (17 WIS for clerics, 17 DEX for thieves). If it's not that, I can keep digging.


edit: Oh, let me take that back--even with those stats, I still don't think it would work. Tweaks should be patching another file, too.

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