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SR Revised V1.3.200 (2020 August 22nd)


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Hmm. Not a spell that SRR touches (spwi812 is literally not included with SRR). Could you give me a copy of your override spwi812 and spwi812d if it exists? Furthermore, does this apply to all undead, or do you have specific creatures in mind?

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Ah, I think I know the reason. Because it is an AoE spell, it is affected by the AoE Spell Deflection subcomponent. This means that the effects of the spell are passed onto a subspell, the spwi812d.spl. Thing is, dvhorrid.eff, the self-immunizing effect file that protects undead and such against Horrid Wilting, is protecting for spwi812, not spwi812d. And while protecting against the base spwi812.spl should prevent spwi812d from affecting them, it only works if the effect is applied to them *before* spwi812d.spl hits them, not after like it currently is doing. Am I correct in assuming that you can only cast Horrid Wilting once upon these creatures, and then subsequent tries they're immune? If so, then the solution is really simple.

I'll probably have to look at AoE spells to see if there are any more examples of this sort of errant behavior. Sigh...

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V1.1.0 released.

Miscellaneous changes:

  1. As per @Palanthis's request, the readme has been updated, partially. Some outdated information was simply excised entirely, a little new information was added, and a complete list of spell descriptions have been added that the readme now links to in several places. Took about forty five minutes to convert my language files to HTML, I guess it could've been a lot worse without Notepad++'s mass operations. The "general overview of spell changes" has been removed for the time being due to inaccuracies - hence why this is only a partial update on this. At least all of the subcomponents are now described.
  2. Spell Deflection-like spells no longer state that they do not protect against AoE spells (since I'm pretty sure that most people install the AoE SD subcomponent), but they do explain that stationary effects like Cloudkill are still not deflected, and this is mentioned in the subcomponent description itself. Additionally, Spell Trap was not explaining this at all before, but now it does.
  3. Ghoul Touch has a slight text revision that suggests its effect lasts for the entire duration of the spell, not simply the first attack you make. I've literally never used this spell because it sounded so bad, but while doing some MR tests, I discovered that this spell is basically a summonable weapon that lasts for the entire duration, and isn't a single use spell like Shocking Grasp. And I thought...that should probably be more clear in its description, because this actually seems like a pretty cool spell.
  4. Thanks to @DrAzTiK, I remembered that I made a change to the Cause Wounds series of spells a long while back when I was looking at the Cure and Regenerate Wounds series of spells that rather nerfed their damage from standard SR - that nerf has now been reversed.

General fixes:

  1. A number of summonable weapons that weren't supposed to do physical damage sometimes had a damage type set (e.g. crushing with Cause Wound spells) even when the amount of damage was set to 0. This could sometimes cause physical damage to apply via certain kinds of bonuses even when not appropriate. The specific case I found was when the game applies what it calls the "attack of opportunity" +4 damage bonus, which triggers when a target has either no weapon or ranged weapons equipped when being attacked by a melee weapons, but there are quite possibly other cases. Although...sometimes I think these "hand" spells should do 1D2 fist damage + strength bonus, since that makes sense, but whatever.
  2. Energy Blades were doing slashing instead of missile damage.
  3. Magic Circle Against Evil's anti-stacking effect was not dispellable while the rest of the spell was, meaning if it got dispelled, you couldn't recast it for up to 5 turns.

Magic Resistance fixes:

  1. Grease and Web are now subject to magic resistance (nothing in either's description suggests they shouldn't be?).
  2. Spook had a string that would indicate a target was affected by fear that was not subject to magic resistance unlike the rest of the spell.
  3. Similarly, Contagion had a graphical effect that was not subject to magic resistance when it seems like it should be.
  4. Larloch's Drain and Vampiric Touch were not considering whether the target resisted via magic resistance before they buffed/healed the caster - now they do.
  5. Otiluke's Resilient Sphere's confining effect was listening to magic resistance when it wasn't supposed to. Essentially, you could cast this on a party member that magically resists it and they'd be invulnerable and still able to move around for the duration of the spell.
  6. Sleep's "wake on hit" effect was attempting to wake characters even when the spell had been successfully resisted - no longer.
  7. Horror's graphical effect that plays over each affected creature was playing even when resisted. Now only plays on creatures that actually fail to resist.
  8. Poison was playing a graphical effect even when successfully magic resisted - effect still plays when saved against, since there's still a partial effect.
  9. Half of Obscuring Mist's effects were subject to magic resistance, half of them were not - now the entire thing is, since it seems like there's no reason it shouldn't be.
  10. Gust of Wind's wind buffet effect was subject to magic resistance, but its unconsciousness effect wasn't - now they both are.
  11. Faerie Fire was mostly but not entirely magic resistable. Unlike most other invisibility detection spells, I think this is one that *should* be magic resistable due to its mechanism (actually applying something to a target rather than simply seeing through), so I've opted to make it entirely resistable.
  12. Spike Growth was not subject to magic resistance at all.
  13. Dolorous Decay was not subject to magic resistance at all...and that continues to be the case for now, though it's now mentioned in its description that it isn't. And thus concludes my magic resistance test.

AoE Spell Deflection subcomponent fixes:

  1. Symbol of Pain was getting warped by the AoE Spell Deflection subcomponent due to having an extra header (almost certainly my fault when I revised this spell).
  2. Undead creatures were not immune to Horrid Wilting, Skull Trap, or Horror.
  3. Flying creatures and dragons were not immune to Earthquake.
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Can it be investigated if certain creatures (I.E Planar sphere elder orb) is using specific spells or abilities that don't exist. Because it seems elder orb will use an ability that doesn't exist and just gives an ERROR  followed by a series of numbers in the chat with the mini-map coming up to take up the screen.

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Sure. The creature you're talking about is obsdem03.cre, and even with every SR component installed, it is not touched (and nor is its script). SR touches very few creatures outside of summonables, so any problem like that is unlikely - though not impossible - to be related to SR. I would guess it's more likely to be something related to SCS, but actually knowing your weidu.log would help.

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Thanks for this update Bartimaeus. time to make a new game soon :)

If you allow me,  I think that description of  non detection and mind blank could be more precise.  For my part,  I am still not sure what are the benefits of these spell and I almost never use them.

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Mind Blank and Chaotic Commands will get better differentiation with V4 Final, as I understand it. I will reconsider their descriptions then (although the fact that I often have trouble recalling off-hand what the heck Mind Blank all does is a pretty good sign that you're right about it). Non-Detection...I kind of forgot about when I was updating Detect Invisibility, Invisibility Purge, and True Seeing. I might just ninja-edit in a more precise description for it. Thanks for reminding me.

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39 minutes ago, DrAzTiK said:

  I think that description of  non detection and mind blank could be more precise.  For my part,  I am still not sure what are the benefits of these spell and I almost never use them.

Nondetection protects you from divination attacks like Oracle/Invisibility Purge. It won't stop casters with True Sight from targeting you, but it will protect Mirror Images and the bonuses from Blur and Improved Invisibility.

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1 hour ago, subtledoctor said:

Nondetection protects you from divination attacks like Oracle/Invisibility Purge. It won't stop casters with True Sight from targeting you, but it will protect Mirror Images and the bonuses from Blur and Improved Invisibility.

Yeah, I already wrote a huge description of it some pages ago how Non-Detection protected invisibility and stealth completely but not necessarily improved invisibility/other illusions, but Non-Detection's actual in-game description is currently not all that helpful in that regard, which I should probably fix.

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