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SR Revised V1.3.500 (2021 June 7th)


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1 hour ago, DavidW said:

I meant something more elementary: two spells when I’m budgeting for one.

That makes sense. Some of them were also illegal by level as well (9th level caster casting Spell Immunity: Illusion instead getting 6th level True Seeing which they shouldn't be able to cast*), but it ultimately was a workaround with the intent of making SCS's triggers/contingencies work as seamlessly as possible.

*...This particular scenario may not actually be possible, since Contingency is level 6 and neither it nor a lesser trigger would be able to cast a 6th level spell, but that would just mean it's illegal in that way instead.

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20 hours ago, Hoverdawg said:

(I don't know if I should post it here or in the IRR thread)

Remove Magic scrolls (bought in a temple) currently have the Dispel Magic icon.


Thanks, I have fixed it in the latest IRR repository (although I did the reverse and converted it to Dispel Magic and not Remove Magic).

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3 hours ago, Hoverdawg said:

another small issue - scrolls of Summon Shadows have a Sunburst? Sunscorch? Flamestrike? Whatsitsname? icon. The same spell has its proper (I think - it's the old fat fiend summon) icon when copied in the spellbook.



Thanks, fixed. That icon is SPWI523A, the intended icon is SPWI623A.

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28 minutes ago, Hoverdawg said:

Another one of these - Monster Summoning VII has an Animal Summoning scroll icon.

Also, Chaotic Commands has a really annoying sound&visual effect that repeats itself every few seconds.

...That one I have no explanation for. Thanks, fixed.

Fixed the Chaotic Commands issue. Oddly, it affected some levels of the spell, but not all, so it might disappear as you keep leveling up - but I didn't pay enough attention to tell exactly when that might happen. Thanks, that would've made me quite crazy when I play, :p.

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@Bartimaeus Could you please check if priest spell Bless grants +1 THAC0. It is reflected as change in character inventory screen but not when i roll hit dice. The damage change is reflected in inventory screen but cant say if it gives damage bonus at rolls. Cant say anythign about + morale as well. 

Also just a clarification: Chant spell effects only applies when rolling hit dices, correct?

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12 minutes ago, Guest retrak said:

Any chance of making maze not gameending when playing solo?

There's no possible way to do so that I can think of - it's an unfixable engine problem with the maze/imprisonment effect. So...you'd have to replace the spell with an entirely different effect - an unresistable Otilukes, perhaps? In the meanwhile, if you use IR/R, there are boots that make you immune to Maze and Imprisonment, though I'm blanking out on what/where they are.

@pochesun Will check them both out and tag you when I get to it, but there have been cases of the EEs having wrong text before, so won't be surprised if that's the case again.

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1 hour ago, pochesun said:

I would like to make something clear for myself: there is spell "Darkness 15 radius". From discription its not transparent what effect exactly it provides, specificaly -  bonus/malus. 

Not an SR/SRR spell, so I'm not sure.

@Endarire Somewhat different functionality. SRR's Faerie Fire will actually reveal invisible enemies (and has a little bigger AoE, and has an AC penalty), while 3.5's will not - it's for targeting enemies that are already revealed to simply prevent them from going invisible in the future. I'd say SRR's is probably more powerful than 3.5's, but the functionality is indeed somewhat different - probably because druids get hosed for invisibility detection versus mages and clerics.

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