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Version 5 of the NPC Kitpack Is Released


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Idobek's NPC Kitpack is designed to add four new kits and provide the opportunity to give a kit to eight of the BioWare NPCs. Version 5 adds a number of bugfixes as well as EET compatibility.

v5 Changelog

  • Compatibility updates for EET
  • Mod no longer borks kit.ids
  • Kit ability tables extended to level 50
  • Mazzy no longer retains her original abilities
  • When installed with Song and Silence, will use the S&S version of the Adventurer kit for Nalia and Imoen
  • Due to small differences in the tables between the original and Enhanced Editions of the games, the specialist descriptions and sometimes weapon proficiencies between the new kits could get overwritten or use the wrong values
  • Fixed bug with Imoen's class title if the player dual-classes her to mage from the Adventurer


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  • Mod no longer borks kit.ids


What exactly is getting "borked" in the kit.ids in the older versions of NPC Kitpack? Because I am using an older version of this mod, and am not planning on upgrading to the newer one.

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