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New Mod Install Tool - feedback request from Modders and Players

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Hello fellow adventurers, if you ever wanted to provide feedback about New Install Tool, this is you chance.

this time there won't be any poll. Instead, I need you to tell me about everything related to installing mods via Install Tool.


please tell me what you don't like about BWS (yep, GUI sucks) what should be improved and what is missing. Don't write something like "same as BWS, only better", focus on most annoying or important things.


which features related to mod presentation/configuration/maintaining new Install Tool should have?

Every feedback will be read and take into consideration but not everything is possible :)

You can also come to Discord Channel https://discord.gg/NfhByE and have discussion

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Hi AlienQuake,


I don't know if my comment is relevant to you and/or possible :-


Is there a way to separate language of installation, one used to explain options to install (description of the mod) from the language of the mod itself (content for the game).


By example, I'm learning German so I'd like to have dialogs and interface (content) in German but to install (description) I'd rather like to do it in English so I'm sure which "Mega Installation" I'm doing.

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