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Both Darios and I are leaving for a vacation on the 28th of September and we'll be gone until the 12th of October. We'll have no access to the internet during that time, so I'm afraid that you guys have to wait to get answers to any questions posted during those two weeks. :)

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Vacations mean photos! These are from Alhambra (Granada/Spain). These it's palaces built by the Sultans of the Nasrid dynasty during the 14th century (AD). I've been there once before, but the place is still overwhelming - the photos don't really do justice anyway, so most of them are details of the decoration.


Court of the Myrtilles at the Comares palace. Looking south. Unless I'm entirely mistaken the doors at the background are the original entrance to the palace, now blocked by the 16th century palace of Charles V.




Court of the Myrtilles at the Comares palace. Looking north, the doors to the throne room on the background.




Court of the Lions at the Palace of the Lions.




Still in the Palace of the Lions: Mirador de Lindaraja in the hall of the two siblings (or sisters?)



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