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Minor problem with Opcode 206


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I'm using a suit of armor to deflect a spell effect with Opcode 206. (Protection from spell.)


The opcode works to deflect the spell, but the string reference that's supposed to be displayed by the opcode when the spell is deflected is never shown, and I have no clue why. I've even tried using different strings.


Is there some hidden requirement or character limit with this opcode's strref that I'm missing?

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I just tested a stock item, the Harper Pin(MISC5X). It uses 206 to protect the wearer from SPWI112 (Magic Missile) and is supposed to display string #40956... Same problem, it stops the spell but doesn't display the message.


Is it possible some in-game setting is preventing the message from displaying? I've already tried setting the various Feedback settings to maximum.

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Well apparently you hit the bullseye.


I put an identical opcode 206 into the Ghost Armor spell, cast it, and then applied the spell that I'm trying to deflect to the Ghost Armored target... It displayed the string.


After I picked my head back up from the desk I switched the Ghost Armor's 206's timing to While Equipped. Now don't ask me why that worked at all since nothing is actually equipped when you cast the spell, but it both stopped the spell and displayed the string.


Just to rule out a problem with the suit of armor I started with, I put the same 206 into a completely different item and had the exact same problem. The spell was stopped but no string was displayed.


For whatever reason equipped items seem unable to display opcode 206's string reference, but if opcode 206 is applied by a spell, everything works fine. :undecided:


Maybe I'll apply a cast spell on condition to the armor that casts a short duration spell on the wearer that protects from the spell in question... Or maybe I'll call it a day.

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