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A puzzle with HIDESPL.2DA


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I've been trying to understand the EE mechanism for hiding spells. I get that


- if a spell is on HIDESPL (with appropriate values set) it isn't presented to the player at sorcerer level-up or character creation

- if a spell is on HIDESPL with IS_FINAL set to 1, all the spells after it are also removed.


But there is apparently more to it than that, because even if I wipe HIDESPL entirely, not all spells are shown to the player at sorcerer level-up. Specifically, at level 9 removing HIDESPL makes the 10th-level spells visible at level-up, but the various not-for-players spells in the SPWI950-999 namespace are not visible, nor is a pretty-much-verbatim copy of a "legal" 9th level spell if I put it at SPWI966. I'd wondered if SPELL.2DA was still playing some role (it controlled this, much more crudely, in vanilla BG2) but it doesn't even have columns for L8 and L9 spells, and adding one for L8 and L9, and/or setting all the values to 99, doesn't help.


Any thoughts?

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Yes, the spells are hardcoded to not go over 50.


I might be pulling this out of my butt, but I think the SPWIx50-x99 numbered spells are never presented to the player, irregardless of HIDESPL. Still hard-coded I think.




Don't quote me.

I can confirm that, so you can be quoted

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