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Fighter Kits


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Two Fighter kits inspired from NWN's Prestige Classes:


Dwarven Defender

Race: Dwarf

Alignment: Any lawful


- Can use Defensive Stance once per day for every 4 levels (starts at 1st level with one use). Defensive Stance gives them +2 strength, +4 constitution, +2 on all saves, +4 bonus to armor class for 5 rounds.

- At 10th level the character gains +1 Saving Throw bonus vs. Petrification or Polymorph.

- Damage Reduction: at 6th level 3 points of damage are ignored whenever they are hit in combat.

- Improved Damage Reduction: at 11th level 6 points of damage are ignored whenever they are hit in combat.

- HLA Damage Reduction: the damage reduction increases by 3 points for every four levels above 20th.


- May not wear full plate.

- Cannot advance past specialization in ranged weapons.


Blackguard This would be easier to implement as a paladin - well, anti-paladin :) - kit, but in truth is a fighter sub-class.

Alignment: Any evil


- Turn Undead: beginning at 3rd level, the blackguard can make undead flee or, at higher levels, control them. Though this ability is similar to the cleric's Turn Undead, it functions as though he or she were two levels lower than a cleric.

- May cast Animate Dead once per day.

- May backstab for a lesser amount than the thief class (level 1-8: x1, level 9-16: x2, level 17+: x3).

- May cast the following spells once per day: at 6th level - Cause Serious Wounds, at 7th level - Contagion, and at 8th level - Cause Critical Wounds.


- A blackguard cannot specialize past normal specialization.

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