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Jaheira's and Aerie's reaction to Anne Romantic Encounter

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Not sure if this would even qualify for the thread, although I suppose it could be considered an oversight:


The reactions both Jaheira and Aerie give after the Anne Romantic Encounter do not seem to match at all with the encounter outcome, at least for me. Perhaps I am missing the context, in which case I'd highly appreciate being given the context/background for their lines. I've checked the actual script for this encounter, and their lines are the ones set for this particular outcome. So not a bug it would seem. In this case lines 26 and 27 from the .TRA file (to avoid potential spoilers, I did not see spoiler tag in the Options).


Edit: For completeness, playing BG 2 EE on Windows.

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Still browsing occasionally :-) I didn't write the companions reactions, either you or Kulyok wrote those. Feel free to edit them however you feel is neccesary.


I believe Alice might refer to the responses Aerie and Jaheira give when you chose the flirty/good resolution. They do indeed seem a bit harsh.

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