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Modding PSTorment 1 disc version

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First of all, let's just be clear about what version I have. I have the 1 disc DVD version, here.


the cover




the disc inside it





I think I've been a bit confused, thinking this is GOG version which it isn't. Thus, that I'd only have to install certain mods that aren't already included. This link I think shows I'd have to install the first two mods first http://thunderpeel2001.blogspot.com/2009/01/planescape-torment-fully-modded.html


The monitor I have is this one: https://www.asus.com/us/Commercial-Monitors/VS247HP/specifications/


It already runs full screen on my monitor, with no mods but the images are distorted and not very sharp and pixelated. I install the widescreen mod and choose


1. 0 for english

2. no for the readme

3. 1920 for the X-coord

4. 1080 for the Y coord

5. Update save games No (I don't have any yet)

6. Support for multiple resolutions, yes

7. Biggest X-coord 1920

8. Biggest Y coord 1080,

9. Are you sure- Yes.


And, I get this.



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