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The current IESDP entry for SetupWish reads:


This action instructs the engine to use the fourth column of wish.2da and carry out a RandomNum(2,1) action starting at the top and working down. If the RandomNum returns with a 1 then the appropriate global for that spell is set. Once the maximum "wish choices" have been selected, the dialog continues and casts the selected spell.


Setting aside that the 'fourth column' should be 'designated column', there are further errors. A user over on the Beamdog forums set up a program to track results from 30,000 castings of Wish. If the current entry were accurate, we'd see the first five entries around 50% with the remainder dropping off as the engine progressed further down the list. Instead, we see that each entry has a roughly equal chance of being selected. This suggests that five entries, selected at equal weight, are pulled from the appropriate column in wish.2da and that there is no parse order.

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