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PST going through zones, spells, and resting

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I have gotten several mods installed, I have the 1 disc versions. I'm told a spell called friends is supposed to be sold by old Mabbeth in Ragpicker square, but she doesn't sell it. I wonder if a mod could be responsible for this. I need it to raise my charisma for the dead nations quest. I wonder if I could just use the tome of cheats to get the spell, as it is supposed to be there and isn't. If I could use that mod, then undo the tome, would I still have the spell?


Also she DOES buy things from me unlike what this says- https://torment.wikia.com/wiki/Old_Mebbeth#Items_for_Sale


Also, I remember even in the original version of planescape torment, the several disc version, when I went to the edge of an area I was able to pick the area I wanted to go to, I didn't have go zone by zone, it would automatically go through all the zones I needed to go through and told me how long it took. I wonder if this is only AFTER you have gone past the alley of lingering sighs and gotten to the Lower Ward.


Finally, I am keeping my stuff at the flophouse in the Northwestern portion of the Hive. I killed everyone in there and was still able to rest several times, thereafter,but now when I try to rest there it says I need permission, what's going on?

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