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Changing Proficiency System Mid-game

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I recently started playing again and was trying out "Alter Weapon Proficiency System" with "BG-Style Weapon Proficiencies: Without Weapon Styles" selected. Everthing's working just fine; I'm just dissatisfied with the result.


I'd like to change it to one of the other selections, but I'm not sure if it's possible to do that mid game. If it is, how do I go about doing that? If it will only work on a new game, I'm still not sure how to run the mod again to change it. I'm running a lot of mods set-up by the EE Mod setup tool in case that's relevant.

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On 1/7/2019 at 1:26 AM, CamDawg said:

You could do it mid-game, but your saves will be... very screwy. You'd be better changing the option and starting a new game.

Not screwy, rather just off by a bite mark.

Aka, you could very well just install the mod and then edit the save with EEKeeper/NearInfinity. And remove the wrongly selected proficiencies and add the ones one wants and go cheat if you like... or hamper oneself by accepting what's there. The "cheat" term here is a fluent and can mean a LOT of things. Not, a BAD thing.

I am really not satisfied by your response CamDawg. I would assume you had known all of this.

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Just because it's possible to change your mod loadout in the middle of a game and then use NI to repair the damage does not mean it's a smart thing to do, nor something I'm going to recommend. A lot more can go wrong than proficiencies; there's a reason why the mantra for two decades has been to start new games when you change mods.

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Well, anything related to (player) character creation, is updated at every level up... so knowing that you can change that in the middle of the game is not that dramatic.
Yes, Near infinity is a specialist tool, but the EEKeeper is not really. When it comes to character editing. As it backups the data etc.

Add in items is a special case, as it depends on how it's made. World-changing events(quests etc) will have to be restarted if the areas have been visited already. And there's more... let's not get in that.

Now, yes, there's the case where this; is that the install was made with "EE Mod setup tool", which makes this a bit more harder to answer well without the weidu.log's content and so forth. But that's not what you said. Yes, the missing words MEAN MORE that the words that you did use. In this case.

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