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PST tome of cheats mods not working.

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Is the only way to get this at with a mod at the beginning of the game, or at the shop in the Clerk's Ward? I tried Qwinn's PST fixpack, and another mod which just has the tome itself- but only gives it to you at the beginning. And, even then, I think it may not help me because it doesn't give me the friends spell, the Mebbeth's shop in Ragpicker's square is supposed to sell it, I read, but it is not there, maybe because of another mod I sold, I need it for a dead nations quest. By the time I get to the Clerk's ward, I'll be past the dead nations.

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Ok, looks like there may be an alternative, if I can pick the lock in the warrens of thought (I can't smash it down with strength) I may be able to get the sphere and get to the Lower or Clerk's ward where I can get the spell....the only person who can train TNO as a thief in the hive is Ratbone in ragpickers square, it seems


edit- can't pick the lock either. Guess the only real way to solve this is just keep killing abishai in the hive until I get a 16 charisma. I know strictly speaking it isn't the only way to get past the dead nations (the first time I was there when I played the game I just killed them all) but I want to get that situation where Stale Mary lets you see the silent king.

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