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PST Qwinn's fixpack, alignment not changing

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I think this has something to do with something I put in when I installed Qwinn's fixpack (by the way, it doesn't prevent all the wear-rats from turning hostile when you find a way out of your cell in the Warrens of thought, just the two guards who wait outside the cell.........is it supposed to only make them non-hostile? Everyone else in the warrens is hostile, but once I talk to many as one and agree to spy on the silent king that stops) Ah........I see was scale of souls, is there a bug in it that prevents alignment from changing?




Shouldn't I be Chaotic evil by now with 18 chaotic acts (if that's what Law -18 means) and 16 evil acts (if that's what Good -16 means) I had loaded an earlier save after installing the fixpack and now those the law and good indicators appeared.

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