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PST things I didn't know.......mistakes I made, with mods

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I was planning on playing planescape torment legit. Only I ran into a few problems.


First, I thought I could buy the friends spells at Old Mebbeth's in Ragpicker's square, so I could have a high enough charisma, only to do this you must first do some quests for her, easy enough. Then.....I got the spell for Dakkon and got all the way to dead nations because I wanted Stale Mary to show me the portal to discover the silent king, but ONLY Dakkon could cast it and only on HIMSELF.


Since I had no recent saves I had to start out near the beginning. I did all my quests over (took several hours) then decided to raise my charisma by being a thief and killing Abishai in the hive (one always appears/respawn in the southwest portion at the same place.) I did this for several hours, raising my thief level to 12, and accidentally getting the specialization which I didn't know about at 12th level and my dexterity is now 12. I thought I'd go back and gain some levels as a fighter to raise my stats further, only this does not work, you only get a characteristic/attribute point if it the highest level you've gained in ANY class you've already been. Also, I'm not gaining any more hit points for raising my fighter level


At this point I'm really frustrated, so I wanted to use the tome of cheats just to get my intelligence and dexterity to 16.......but you can't get that for free unless you install Qwinn's tweakpack at the beginning of the game, unless you want to buy it (I'm told for something other than money, not sure how it works) by then I'll be well past the dead nations.


I'm told you can use infinity to raise your stats, maybe console as well. Just......I don't want to repeat hours of effort and hope I don't run into any more bad surprises. Are those things compatible with Qwinn's mods?

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