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Bug? Amarande speaks Kaigain Quest message

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Kagain isn't in my party, nor has he been. Running the cannon party.




* BG 1 NPC v23.3

* SCS 31


In Cloakwood after killing Amarande, the following message appears:


Amarande: Kagain's Quest


​Entar Silvershield's son was killed. I didn't like Kagain's attitude, so we parted ways, but I might take the pin back to the Silvershields when we get to Baldur's Gate.



I'm guess that that message shouldn't appear at all.

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That message is from BG1NPC take on Kargain's quest and should only show in a completely different context.


Since it is not applied to anywhere else, this sounds like a text mixup in your game, I'm afraid. Did you start a new game after the 2.5 patch was applied?

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Hm, I'm not aware of any. Just to make sure: this was not a journal entry, but a mere message in the text box, yes?

The really only other thing that comes to my mind is a wrong text string attached to the Amande creature file - but that is something I'd expect for a mod cre, not an original game file. I had this with one of my NPC cre files that wrong string numbers were attached to some of the random lines character say, and it didn't show in the classic games but in the EE the NPC suddenly started making text-box comments with random mod lines.


Anyway, I don't think this is a problem with BG1NPC, so there is nothing we have to - or can - do from this side. Still, thank you for identifying BG1NPC and reporting here!

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