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Some bugs with V31

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I have noticed some bugs/inconsistencies with V31. Sorry for my english. Let's start with :

- All sahuagins using ranged weapons (crossbow) get only 3 bolts.

- spawns points in AR 2300 (sahuagin city) : 4 ranged sahuagin are spawning with only 19hp instead of 81 ( and personally I would prefer 100hp for a level 10 fighter creature)

- I will make more test but I wonder if creatures with ranged weapons can switch correctly from quiver 1 to quiver 2 when quiver 1 is empty for example. It seems that the creature prefer to switch with a melee weapon if a quiver slot is empty and don't use ammunitions from others quiver slots.

Edit : I play with BG2 EE 2.5 patch

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Regarding your speculation at the end, that sounds like a knock on effect from Beamdog "enhancing" the default quiver behavior. Now, when a single quiver is emptied (for player controlled characters), their weapon is automatically changed to melee rather than befin using the next quiver.

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