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Sarevok Dies... And then what?

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First-time poster.


So I'm running an evil party and a good party for my annual winter playthrough of Baldur's Gate. I decided to do things differently this year and install mods for the first time, SCS being one of them. I've got BGEE, SoD and BG2EE installed through GoG, and I used the EE mod setup tool to pick and choose mods with which to play.


I've made it to the end of BGEE with my evil party (wow this mod makes the final fight unnecessarily hard), and having used CTRL-Y to chop down my opponents, once Sarevok dies the game just hangs. No cutscene, no final save, nothing. I do wait for the usual dialogue triggers, where he confronts me upon arrival, shortly after that mentions his acolytes, mentions how its no big deal after one dies, and when all four die he talks again and is then able to take damage. Also, when he dies, the camera centers on his body, but nothing happens, and I still have control of everything.


I've used a few CLUAConsole codes and they haven't done anything.


Can anyone give me any tips?

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