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Do these mods exist?

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Hi All, few questions. Do these mods exist for BG1(EE)? Specifically, not for an EET install.

  1. A ding0 Experience Fixer-like mod that reduces quest and monster XP?
  2. A Max-HP for Bosses only mod? A more specialized version of the Tweaks Anthology component that only gives max HP to Sarevok + crew, Tranzig, Mulahey, etc. Curious if this exists for BG2 as well.
  3. A mod that adds vanilla+EE kits to bosses? Such as Deathbringer to Sarevok, berserker for Tazok, etc. This feels like it should be a SCS component, but I don't believe it is.
  4. A mod that reduces the effect of reputation on prices, such that items will cost more at 20 rep than they currently do and/or items sell for less. I'm not looking for something dramatic, more in the 25 - 50% range. [edit2: Tweaks has this component]

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!


edit: I just realized that ding0's XP fixer does work on BG1:EE, apologies. I just tested it and it installed without any warnings.

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Tweaks has a reputation tweak.


Change Effect of Reputation on Store Prices
All games

Your reputation affects the prices of stores throughout the game; notably prices go down as reputation goes up and this component offers ways to change the mechanic. The original variant, Low Reputation Store Discount (Sabre, Richardson, Weimer), is unchanged: reputation values of 8-13 result in no discounts; items are sold at their original prices. Every point lower or higher than 8 or 13, respectively, gives the party a 5% discount. This reaches a maximum of 35% -- meaning that the party will only pay 65% of the item's original price -- at reputation values of 1 and 20.

Three new variants, courtesy of Luiz, remove the effect of reputation on storekeepers outright. The resulting prices can be set to 60%, 80%, or 100% of their listed values in general, but note that storekeepers will retain their original markups and buy discounts.

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I'm happy to take suggestions for kits for enemies in BG/BG2 ("bosses" or otherwise - actually I don't think that distinction is so clear-cut in these games).


"Make Sarevok a Deathbringer" gets suggested with some frequency, but I think instant death on a critical is OP for BG1 and not much fun to play against.

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Mm, I never updated the Ding0 Experience Fixer for EE(T), but I don't know of anything that is not compatible with the EE games or EET. I suppose I could look through it sometime. It's been a while since I meddled with that one.

If you revisit it, please consider adding a user-enterable amount to reduce quest/kill XP by, such as 15 or 35%. Also please consider adding thresholds, under which XP won’t be reduced. This is principally to preserve the early game levelling curve in BG1.

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