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SCS v32 Release Candidate (now Version 10) Available for Testing

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Then these mage bugs could be linked to 2.5 patch rather than SCS.

I don't have 2.5 installed so it's not that. Might be some interaction with an other mod though.



The "better call for help" option works to good.


If meet Neera the first time in Beregost the 2 guards and the wizard get hostile and red but also the commoners around.

Happens only with that option on.


Are you sure it's better calls for help? I've experienced that before but to me it looked like it was actually Neera hitting a commoner with Color Spray.


Yep, i am pretty sure.


I did a few reloads, the commoner was on the edges of the fight and far outside every action.

i reinstalled the EET right after it with only the "call for help" option disabled and changed.


That fixed it.

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Is there a way to disable the nerf to Arrow of Fire/Ice/Acid on BG1EE ?

Add "no_initial_change_elemental_arrows=1" to stratagems.ini. (Not sure why that ini entry is missing, will fix.)

Boring/Bombardier Beetles have an unknown animation........

Can reproduce, will investigate.



Yesterday the mod installed fine on Linux.

Today there are new errors.

Probably because the source on github was updated.

I can see two errors: one in 'Better NPC customisation', one in 'AI setup'.


The AI setup error is a glitch in the acid-storm tonedown that affects people with both SR and IWD installed; fixed.

The NPC customization error is because you're using Vampire Tales and it's badly coded (the NPC files are broken). But since it is slightly less annoying to fix other people's broken files than get blamed for them, I'm now fixing this (and similar NPC errors) too.

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I've just put a new RC up, catching most of the bugs reported so far.


I'm aware of the following remaining bug reports that I haven't yet fixed:

  • Missing beetle animations
  • Problems with Andris
  • Problems with Sarevok
  • Too many high-level scrolls in BG1
  • Call for Help not working properly in Beregost
  • Doppelganger quest with Aldeth and the +3 vs shapeshifter sword not working

The beetle bug I can reproduce. I haven't yet been able to reproduce the others, and in particular I need more detail for Sarevok (see my comment earlier in the thread) and for Andris.


Also, for any bug - but particularly for the too-many-high-level-scrolls bug - it would be really helpful if people were very clear which version of the game they're using.


If you reported a bug that isn't listed above and isn't in the v3 changelog, please say so here. (I might have missed it, or I might have fixed it and forgotten to document it.) And of course if you have an all-new bug, let me know!

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OK, so the beetle problem is that the animations are included in SoD and EET, but missing on BGEE (without SoD) and BG2EE.

The same holds for the projectiles of the IWD spells (they're labeled as "unnamed" in NearInfinity. Having said that, this is probably just a cosmetic issue......)

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Can someone tell me what's intended behavior for Sarevok, though? (I'm guessing: vanilla BGEE+SoD: just get the credits; EET: cutscene takes you into SoD. But for all I know, you're supposed to get SoD even without EET.)

- Pierce Shield scroll dropping: I can't understand this one, if it's SCS I don't see how

When Sarevok dies, cutscene starts immediately and you appear in SoD starting dungeon. (EET)

High-level scroll drops also appear in SoD part. (Ruby Ray, Incideniary Cloud). (EET)

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OK, so the beetle problem is that the animations are included in SoD and EET, but missing on BGEE (without SoD) and BG2EE.

The same holds for the projectiles of the IWD spells (they're labeled as "unnamed" in NearInfinity. Having said that, this is probably just a cosmetic issue......)

Not even cosmetic; that’s invisible in-game.

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David, I can share a spreadsheet summarizing all the missing animation BAM (and their respective ini) files according to the game played (classical and EE).

Thanks, but I can read it fairly directly from the game. I actually have telemetry to flag missing animations, but the beetle incident demonstrated it wasn’t working properly.

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Call for Help not working properly in Beregost

This isn't limited to Beregost. In BG1 area with Mutamin, even the statue nearby (petrified female you can revert) goes hostile. She can't do anything, but becomes red-circled.

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but particularly for the too-many-high-level-scrolls bug - it would be really helpful if people were very clear which version of the game they're using.

My report is for BG:EE+SoD 2.5.17 (steam).

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Another question regarding fixes from "Jimfix - Ascension + SCS fixes, general tweaks". I know that this is not DavidWs mod, but I wanted to ask, if the fix part is part of the current version anyway (for the scs-related fixes)? As an additional question, is the cause for the tweak 'prevent silent prebuffs' something that is WAD in scs or is it a bug (that has been fixed)?


Readme of the mod:



This is a small collection of fixes and tweaks aimed at an Ascension + Fixpack
v10 + SCS v30 install. It should be smart about not letting you install
components you don't need, but you should still pay attention. I do not have a
copy of BG2 EE so please tell me if any additional issues arise in that
version of the game.
--- Fix Sunfire Power Levels ---
The damage effects on the level 10 version of Sunfire incorrectly have a power
level of 3. The primary effect of this is that they will be blocked by a Minor
or regular Globe of Invulnerability. The level 11 version also has one of its
damage effects set to power level 6. The component fixes both errors.
Credit to Alesa_BH for noticing this.
--- Enable Spell Immunity in Sequencers/Triggers ---
TobEx is intended to allow you to place Spell Immunity into Contingencies and
Triggers. However, this functionality is not enabled by default. This
component enables it.
--- Shield of Reflection works on SCS Flame Arrows ---
In vanilla, the Reflection Shield reflects the mage spell Flame Arrow. SCS
mages are scripted to act as if this is the case. However, with the "Make
Protection from Normal Missiles affect some magical projectiles" component,
the Reflection Shield does not actually reflect Flame Arrow. This component
re-adds that ability to the Reflection Shield.
--- Fix Smarter Abazibal ---
In previous versions of Ascension + SCS, when Abazigal turned in to a dragon
he would also spawn a purple dragon named Tamah. In SCS v30, Tamah does not
appear if you have installed the Smarter Abazigal component. Abazigal also has
the wrong script which may make him unreasonably difficult to kill for some
parties. This component fixes both glitches.
Credit to Mad Mate on the G3 forums for help with this fix.
--- Fix Smarter Irenicus at the Throne ---
A scripting glitch causes Irenicus to be completely harmless during the
opening fight at the Throne of Bhaal if you have the component that adds SCS
AI to him. This component fixes this.
Credit to Alesia_BH for noticing this and to Aasim for help with this fix.
--- Remove Entourage from Ascension Fallen Solars ---
In the original Ascension version of the first fight at the Throne of the
Bhaal, you must fight two Fallen Solars. As of SCS v25, the Smarter Celesitals
Component causes both of these Fallen Solars to additionally spawn with two
Mariliths, a Succubus, and an Alu-fiend. While it has not been officially
confirmed, there is significant evidence to suggest that these extra demons
are unintentional. This component removes them.
--- Fix incorrect casting animations ---
In the vanilla game, several spells have casting animations that don't match
the actual school of the spell. The Fixpack fixes some of these but misses
others. This component takes a broad approach and checks each standard mage
and priest spell individually. If the casting animation does not match the
spell school, the casting animation is changed.
This component also fixes a vanilla bug where the spell Conjure Animals is
erroneously set as an Enchantment spell.
This component may be overkill. It provides of a listing of all the changes it
makes so if you don't like some of them, you can uninstall the component.
--- Prevent silent prebuffs ---
Under certain conditions, SCS smarter mages will silently gain some long
duration prebuffs. This component changes this behavior to always display
these prebuffs in the combat log.
--- Add spell school notifications to the combat log ---
By paying attention to the casting animation or by listening to the casting
sounds, it is possible to determine the school of the spell a mage or priest
is casting. This tweak makes this information clearer by adding a message to
the combat log as well. It should be installed after any component that
modifies spells and combines well with the component that fixes incorrect
casting animations. You can pick the minimum casting speed of spells that you
would like this tweak to affect.
There are two issues with this tweak:
1) It works by modifying the spells so it applies to your spells as well as
enemy spells.
2) It does not take into account the fact that some enemies have innately
lower casting times for spells. The intent of this tweak is to not provide you
with any information that you didn't already have access to, but this may not
always be the case.
If there are any spells that are not affected but should be, or should be
affected but are not, please let me know.
--- Add expiration notifications for buffs ---
This component adds periodic reminders to the combat log for when spell buffs
are about to expire. The reminders come when there are 120, 60, 30, 12, and 6
seconds remaining in the buff. I can add other options if there is interest.
And again, please let me know if this component affects spells that it
shouldn't or if it doesn't affect a spell that it should.
--- Add expiration notifications for item buffs ---
This is the same as the previous component except with buffs from items.
Mostly this affects potions and protection scrolls, but it also includes
the Greenstone and Shield Amulets.
--- Reveal all hidden doors ---
This component sets all hidden doors to be immediately selectable so that you
don't have to wait for a character to detect them.
--- Allow Spell Shield to block Wish Breach and Mordenkainen's Disjunction ---
With SCS changes to the spell system, the Breach from Wish and the complete dispel
from fallen solar's Mordenkainen's Disjunction are both completely unblockable.
This component allows Spell Shield to block them as it would block any other
anti-magic attack.

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