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SCS v32 Release Candidate (now Version 10) Available for Testing

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Hi: is it meant that casting 'summon fiend' lowers your alignment? Current behaviour is that each casting lowers it 1 via a good->neutral->evil path. (so a chaotic good char' will cast it 2x to become chaotic evil).

Is it intended? I didn't see it in the readme, if it is its a really cool idea. Don't know if it does it permanently. (1 idea: Maybe reputation could be affected as an alternative)

Love the MOD its so good! Thank you. Mages are using HLA I've seen perfectly so far.

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12 hours ago, Hubal said:

Also dialog box is going crazy for some reason. Sometimes dialog won't show up and I need to scroll up to see it.

It looks like a problem with LeUI not SCS. If you have steps to reproduce, can you post on Beamdog forums so I can look at it (or here if you don't want to create a new account but in a new topic to not hijack this one that is made for SCS RC).

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Catching up after being out of contact for a week.

I am seeing critical (i.e., install breaking) bugs in some circumstances on Cure/Cause Wounds and with certain bam files in the Initialise component; did I miss anything?

(and lots of other smaller things that I’ll get to when I have a chance and which I appreciate being mentioned, but right now I’m only keeping up with the critical stuff.)

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Unsure if intended: same as with melf's minute meteors: Energy blades: When successfully rolling a 'hit' reduce spell defence counts. 

Eg. Char' '1' casts  spell turning:self. Char' '2' throws 2 x Energy blades at char' '1': Spell turning (start count of 12) is removed.

This MOD is great! Thank you.

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1.Hive mothers magic disrupting ray 'i think' 'not burning through' wizards anti-magic

But will check out the mod more.

2.Vitriolic sphere looks to be giving full damage dice with subsequent acid effects (if save vs spell unsuccessful).

Current: Caster level 12 (so 'starting' damage is 12d4) vs lesser demon lord: Rounds damage: 27, 26, 25, 26, 31, (saved), 0

Expected: 12d4, 10d4, 8d4, 6d4, 2d4 (saved), 0

Thank you for great Mod.

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Presently if a char with mirror image attacks a char with fire shield (red or blue) and hits them (presumably only the real char and not an image can attack) then it looks like a chance is made for an image to 'absorb' the fire shield.

Expected: When char attack char with fire shield (mirror image on attacker) and 'hits' then the attacker should feel the effects of said fire shield (and not have a mirror image potentially lost absorbing it).

(may also affecting globe of blades can maybe check)

Thank you for the great MOD.

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On 2/21/2019 at 4:32 PM, Guest Galwail said:

Hi, I was installing SCS and run into following error:

SCS install error: the SSL file dvefreetr.ssl cannot be found at stratagems/genie/genie/ssl
Stopping installation because of error.

To resolve this I had to change following lines in genie.tpa

         LAF ssl_to_bcs STR_VAR script=~dvefreetr~ location=~genie/ssl~ END
         LAF edit_creature STR_VAR creature=~dvefreet=>dw#dvefr~ editstring=~strip_script=>dvmelee~ END


         LAF ssl_to_bcs STR_VAR script=~dvefreet~ location=~ssl~ END
         LAF edit_creature STR_VAR creature=dvefreet editstring=~strip_script=>dvmelee~ END

Did I break my game more, or will this change work? I know next to nothing about weidu and ssl, so this is pure guessing on my part 😆


I am getting this error too. The user's provided solution worked for me.

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So Good: Enemies are really fun using all sorts of approaches.

-Lesser demon lords (Underdark) may not using all abilities (firestorm) although that maybe intended ( as solo character.)


-Is this something SCS touches?: When you have 3x 'save vs' spells in a trigger or sequencer : does the same roll get give for all 3? (ie 3 polymorph other)


This thread discusses it and someone said spell revisions is a mod that does alter it but i ddidnt fully understand the conclusions drawn there.


Thank you for an excellent AI MOD!



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