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Someone know a solution for this? :/

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Hi everyone,


After Installing original BG2 and applying official final patch + Fixpack v12 (no add-on or other mods) I get this error "an assertion failed in chvidimage3d.cpp at line number 899" right after starting a game, always at the same frame (after Irenicus tortured us, and the thief gets shot with a fire spell).


If Fixpack v12 is being removed the error won't occur.


System is an Acer notebook running on Win10 home x64.


Anyone has a clue or an idea? :/






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PS. Sorry if it already was mentioned somewhere in this forums, tried using search engine but without a result. Also surfing through the whole of google's results didn't bring any solution :(

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Where did you install the game into ?

I ask for this cause, you are on Windows 10. So it's possible, if you chose the wrong folder that your game was not even patched correctly, cause of Windows wormdoors 10. The recommended install path is not the C drive... or if you have to, use your windows user profile files, aka: C:\Users\skibba\Games\BG2 - SoA\ -for example.


And yes, the "Users" folder is translated to multiple languages in the Windows user interface, so in case you don't use English Windows 10, you need to find the easy to access folder name. Yes, you can also access it via copy pasting the exact folder name "C:\Users\" into the file explorer, in the foreign windows editions, I should know, I use a Finnish one.

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