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Boomerang Dagger problem


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Playing the Mac version 1.21 that Bartimaeus was kind enough to send me and I'm having a problem with this dagger as it's not throwable. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem. And when I click on the knapsack icon to switch it to throwing, it disappears from my weapons slot and appears in my general inventory.


I don't want to do a reinstall with the latest version since it took me 4 days to install SCS with only a moderate number of mods, but it would be nice if this was a known problem and could be fixed simply. Happy to post my weidu.log if someone will remind me how to make it clickable to display fully.

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That's correct behavior (and as far as I can see, this isn't a bug with either IR or IRR), but I understand that it's a little confusing. The problem with throwing daggers is that they're supposed to receive +1 ApR when being thrown...but the thing is, throwing daggers aren't supposed to also be usable for melee, but the developers wanted them to double as melee daggers. On top of that, one-handed throwables can't be dual-wielded.


So to fix this problem, there are two* versions of the dagger that you switch between with that ability in your equipment ability list. One version is the throwable version that receives the +1 ApR, while one version is the melee version that can be dual wielded (but doesn't receive the +1 ApR). I double checked the .itms and it seems like they all reference the correct resources and missile ranges. I realize it's not ideal, but it's kind of what you have to do for at least non-EE games (did the EEs introduce a way of fixing both of these problems?).


*There are actually three versions - in this case, it's dagg11 (the base .itm that you find in-game) that's throwable, dagg11a that's melee-able, then dagg11b that's throwable again (but has no identification check so when it's re-created in your inventory, you don't have to re-identify it).

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I saw your original reply, sturmvogel, but I could not reply to it at the time as the forums were locked (and now it seems your post has since been eaten by the forums during the server upgrade). From everything that I can see, none of the dagg11 files have been updated since your version, and yet, the form-switching abilities seem to be correct. I decided to make sure by having a fresh install of BG2EE and installing the latest version of IRR, and it's the same: both dagg11 and dagg11b correctly are ranged missiles, while dagg11a is not. So...a weidu.log would probably be helpful, and possibly a changelog if you know how to do that.

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