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1 hour ago, lynx said:

any news on the url rewrites?

Still working on it.

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13 minutes ago, K4thos said:

I think Coran's Friendship Mod and Garrick's Infatuation forums being part of EET subforums is a mistake.

That's... interesting.  Fixed.

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On 1/8/2019 at 8:09 AM, jastey said:

Also, there is a lot of external scripts/graphics etc. imbedded: fonts.googleapis.com, secure.gravatar.com, fonts.gstatic.com, i.imgur.com, content.invisioncic.com, twemoji.maxcdn.com, www.shsforums.net (the last one sounds especially dubious ;) ), are we sure we need all of those and they do not grab info they are not supposed to pass on?

That stuff is all legitimate and enabled deliberately.  They're not tracking cookies.  If you're concerned about what Google does when you request fonts, check out their FAQ.

fonts.googleapis.com    // Google Fonts 
fonts.gstatic.com       // Google Fonts

secure.gravatar.com     // service used to fetch avatars
twemoji.maxcdn.com      // service used to handle emoji

content.invisioncic.com // forum content

The requests you saw to i.imgur.com and www.shsforums.net are probably due to content in specific posts.  I'm not sure what would cause a request to www.shsforums.net, but embedded images from i.imgur.com make perfect sense.

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