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The old Dispel/Remove Magic bug

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I was under the impression that Fixpack fixed the infamous Dispel/Remove Magic bug as per this thread here which I remembered from back in the day: 


I noticed in my current run (GOG original BG2, not EE) that dispel magic would always dispel every buff no matter the level differences, which I have never encountered before (this weird behavior is another story, which I'm not focusing on here).

So I did a completely fresh install (GOG original BG2) with only BG2 Fixpack and did some testing with a level 9 mage and a level 8 druid. My conclusion was that dispel magic did not have a 40% chance (50% base - 10% for 1 level difference) of dispelling Stoneskin, more close to 0% chance. I never observed DM working in some 20 castings of the spell.

What's going on here? I thought this spell was fixed. I can't find anything about it in the docs, nor any more discussion on the forums.

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Unfortunately, fixing this requires an exe hack which is something the Fixpack doesn't do--mainly because it's a little risky, and also because it means it would be a Windows-only fix.

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All right. Strange that I was under the impression this had been added to Fixpack. Is there any mod out there that includes the exe hack or some other way to get it?

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