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BG1NPC v24.1 Bugthread

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Happy New Year!

I have a new version of BG1NPC finally ready. I'm tagging it as a prerelease on GitHub because I have not done testing with game versions other than BGEEv2.5. I've installed it on Tutu, but no gameplay testing on that platform. I'll remove the prerelease tag on GitHub once I'm more confident that it works on Tutu, BGT, and BGEE versions pre-2.5.

The version is updated to v24.1 as an official release. Please post your bug reports here.


I've made edits to accommodate the new content in BGEE v2.5. I've also made some edits under the hood to ease installation (no more command prompts for selecting romance timers, it uses subcomponents now). There's a few general bug fixes as well. A few components have been moved to Tweaks Anthology and Camdawg's new Continuous Portraits mod. 

Finally, there's a couple additions. First, I've revised the Non-Joinable NPC Portraits component. This one only adds portraits for NPCs added by BG1NPC and uses sourced artwork from WotC D&D games and artwork tagged for reuse on the NWN Vault. It is designed to be used in conjunction with another mod like PPE. Second, since many of the portrait components moved to Continuous Portraits, I added a Coran portrait component using his portraits from the Murder in Baldur's Gate PnP adventure module.

Version 24 - 2018-12-31

  • Fix script variable reference for AR0112.BCS
  • Moving component code blocks to .tpa files for organization
  • Moved Tranzig interjections to separate file. Implemented separate BGEEv2.5/Tutu compatible versions.
  • Updated Kivan-Tazok encounter
    • Moved interjections to separate files.
    • Simplified scripting/dialogs for compatibility with BGEEv2.5
    • Implemented separate BGEEv2.5/Tutu versions of encounter
  • Updated the Extended Kagain's Caravan Quest for BGEE v2.5
    • Update bandit scripts for killing lead bandit by stealth
    • Separated quest into two parts: 1) Find missing caravan, 2) Return Silvershield's son's brooch
    • On BGEEv2.5, part 1) exists, so use that. Only implement part 2)
  • Fix Dueling Interjections on BRILLA.DLG
  • Updates to Yeslick-Rieltar Encounter for BGEEv2.5 Compatibility
  • Update Jaheira' Quest for BGEEv2.5 compatibility
  • Implement SUBCOMPONENTs for romance component timing options
  • Implement SUBCOMPONENTs for BGEE Banter Timing Tweak
  • Transferring the following components to Tweaks Anthology:
    • NPCs Wait at Inns
    • Move NPCs to Convenient Locations (Alora, Eldoth, Quayle, Tiax)
    • Make Shar-Teel Unkillable until In Party
    • Cloakwood areas availability in Chapter One
  • Transferring Edwin, Imoen, Jaheira, and Minsc portrait components to Continuous NPC Portraits
  • Add new component: Coran's "Murder in Baldur's Gate" portrait
  • Revised Non-Joinable NPC Portraits for BG1NPC added NPCs

Coran's portrait from Murder in Baldur's Gate: 


Additional changes in v24.1:

  • Russian translation added by Aerie Team & Arcanecoast Team
  • Added DavidW's "lib_interject.tpa" and "alter_dlg.tpa" to optimize passback lines for interjections according to his tutorial Improving on INTERJECT_COPY_TRANS3 - passbacks only if necessary .
  • Coran's quest: Rachel should only revive roses if withered roses are in inventory
  • Natan (Coran's quest) should not drop another Multicolored Powder if killed (changed giving in dialogue to GiveItem()).
  • The 4 Zizi the Lovebundles will only spawn if all conditions for Xzar's powder are met (added to spawn script: InParty("xzar") InMyArea("xzar") !StateCheck("xzar",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) PartyHasItem("X#XZSLIM")).
  • Slime transformation and spawning of the 4 Zizis should now work as intended (corrected inconsidtency between the tracking variable which Zizi is talked to).
  • Xzar's Quest: druids should all walk towards him and not talk while still outside the visual range (changed MoveToObject("blackberry) to MoveToObject"Xzar") in their scripts.
  • FIx Minsc checks in INGOT interjection
  • Update stringref to use an index that points to "Talk" for both BGEE and Tutu/BGT (bg1npc_chall.tpa)
  • Fixing bug in Branwen-Tranzig encounter
  • Fixing bug in last Dynahier (romanced) Winski encounter (Tanar'ti should initiate dialogue with Winski)
  • Updates for Jaheira's Quest (changes to x#jabe1.baf, x#beador.cre).
  • p#wolf01.cre: Make winter wolf pelt unstealable.
  • Remove duplicate items from Karris' lackey's inventories. (bg1npc_tiaxqst.tpa)
  • Make items held by Belgin, Karris, and his lackeys unidentified (bg1npc_tiaxqst.tpa).
  • Fixed garbled text in Jaheira's dialogue
  • Fixed BGT Tazok install error (Replace %tutu_var%TAZOK%eet_var% with %tutu_scriptbg%TAZOK%eet_var% in x#kivantazok_tutu.d).
  • Fixed loop in Coran's dialogue and added missing RestParty() transactions.
  • Reenabled lines @10-@23 in #xagqst.d, they are still needed for BGT+Tutu.
  • Tutu Walking Speeds Component Removed (Duplicated in Tweaks Anthology)
  • Remove unused NPC Wait .tra files.
  • Corrected typos and capitalized names of item descriptions (English version).
  • changed infer_charset to infer_charsets in the tp2.
  • removed reamde v32.3 and renamed new readme to readme-bg1npc.html
  • Renamed French readme v23.3 to readme-bg1npc-french_v23-3.html
  • Link to Kerzenburgforum added to readme.


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The latest BG1 NPC v24beta is barfing on the second component for me. On linux, running classical BG2 GOG through wine with ToBEx and BGT- Attached are the weidu.log and the debug file. The offending lines seem to be:

[SAREVO.DLG] loaded
WARNING: internal label [17] not found in processed DLG [TAZOK]
WARNING: EXTEND_BOTTOM state #17 out of range 0-7, SKIPPED
WARNING: internal label [33] not found in processed DLG [TAZOK]
WARNING: EXTEND_BOTTOM state #33 out of range 0-7, SKIPPED
WARNING: internal label [8] not found in processed DLG [TAZOK]
WARNING: internal label [13] not found in processed DLG [TAZOK]
ERROR: processing .D actions [tb#_compile_eval_buffer/bg1npc/Phase2/dlg/x#kivantazok_tutu.d]: Invalid_argument("index out of bounds")

Before that, there are two warnings:

[YESLIJ.DLG] loaded
WARNING: EXTEND_BOTTOM #position 1 out of range 0-1

[CORANP.DLG] loaded
WARNING: REPLACE specifies no WEIGHT for state 16 and DLG uses non-trivial weights.  Using weight from DLG (4). [4]



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On 2/8/2019 at 3:17 PM, Guest Dima said:

Can you return Russian translate? 

There never was one. There was an empty folder "russian" inside the tra folder in older versions which is now removed, but there was never a Russian translation included into the mod. (I checked back until version 12 which was the first trayfied version.)

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Arvia's problem from the 23.3 thread (https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/29066-bg1npc-v23-bug-thread/?page=3) in regards to Aravaata spawning as "neutral" but still attacking me, as well as Winski or Dynaheir not following up with any dialogue - and Winski still being marked as innocent seems to still be a problem in the v24 pre-release.

Manually activating the ("X#DynaJournal","GLOBAL",11)  variable bypassed it, thankfully.

However, the game kind of just ends without any real end to her romance. She didn't even have a conversation after the bugged Winski event, nothing pre-Sarevok. The last conversations were the one about her oath, and the Winski one I had to force-start with the console command.


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I have a bad problem with this version of mod on easy Tutu, whenever someone try to initiate dialogue with Imoen it always breaks after first sentence. I found that all her answers end with < invalid phrase>. How to fix this and find what is wrong? Example:



P.S. This issue is hopefully solved, if anybody is interested here are the details: 









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At least in my installation Shar-Teel romance stucks when the X#SHARINTERESTTALK = 15. My other variables are: 

Reputation 8
etc. According to the file X#shrom, the code does not have something special, what I don't have.

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