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BG1NPC v24.1 Bugthread

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This line is part of the morning after LT, but it is one reaction to two of the possible reply options. The morning after dialogue should start with the line "~Well, that was - one interesting night.~". From there, not all reply options lead to Shar'Teel breaking up, although I admit the logic which ones do and which ones don't is not really clear to me.


These lead to the break up:

@77   = ~Well, that was - one interesting night.~

PC replies: @78   = ~I enjoyed that very much. Did you?~ / @79   = ~Interesting? Is that good or bad?~

=> @81   = ~Your enthusiasm was enjoyable, in a way. I'm afraid your lack of experience showed, but all in all, it was a fair night.~

PC replies: @83   = ~So that's it, then?~ / @84   = ~Fair enough to do it again?~

=> breakup

All other routes do not lead to the breakup.



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Guest IconoclasticBanter

Well, I'll try playing another hour or two and see if it keeps going then. Seems like the "one interesting night" conversation ends with either her backing out, as you mentioned, or the PC being actively cruel; but maybe all that means is I'm not cut out for an evil-aligned playthrough. Thank you, and if I don't show up here again, everything is going fine!

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