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Need help converting an existing mod to MAC


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Could some one please explain to me, or help me, convert a mod of mine to MAC? I don't use Mac and I have no idea how to do it or where to begin.  There are things about coding I am still learning and this is unknown territory to me.  Thank you in advance :)

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I don't have a Mac either (unless you count a macOS virtual machine). But unless you have to execute platform-specific code, it should be enough to provide a macOS WeiDU binary, renamed to setup-mymod, as well as a shell script like this, called setup-mymod.command:

cd "$command_path"

Replace "setup-mymod" with the name of your setup binary. Make sure to save the script with unix-style line endings.


The following stuff is optional, but might help less experienced macOS users to install the mod without further preparations:

macOS and Linux require binaries to be configured with the "executable" file attribute. Unfortunately Windows doesn't support unix file attributes.

If you have access to Linux, you should prepare and zip it on that platform. Set executable attribute for setup-mymod and setup-mymod.command, and pack everything into a zip archive:

chmod +x setup-mymod setup-mymod.command
zip -r -9 mymod-v1.0.zip *

Or use a file manager for these steps.

On Window the same can be done in a Cygwin environment. The console commands from above should also apply to the Cygwin console.

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Thank you very much! :)

there are special ways to handle areas and audio files as well for Mac yes? 

I ask because my Neh'taniel mod has several custom areas and it's that mod I am hoping to get converted for SaberO. He is having a lot of trouble trying to install/play Neht on Mac.

I want to help him, I just don't know how.

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I knew the error he got wasn't because of playing on a MAC or because of Neht but i thought if I got a Mac version it would help him.  I do know he said he had to remove all the  apostrophies  from Neh'taniel to get it to work... which i don't understand but I am glad you were able to install it flawlessly. That makes me very happy. I thank you kindly for your help with this.  I will be sure to speak to Wisp :)

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