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Tweaks Anthology v7 (unsupported build): Minor issue with "No Traps or Locks" component

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I've noticed that there are two instances of traps that are not removed by this component. (AFAICT these are not "special" traps and so probably shouldn't be excluded on that basis. I'll also note that the original No Traps or Locks component from BG2 Tweaks v16 did remove these traps.).

I've attached screenshots of the two containers.


EDIT: (added area codes)

x=871, y=267, Area: AR1301

Left-over Trap 1.jpg


x=1265, y=1331, Area: AR1303:

Left-over Trap 2.jpg


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Can you locate the trap maps by going into the locations and pushing the x button, this will give the area names of the given maps in the dialog box. This will ease the finding of them. Especially as you haven't actually given info on which kind of game this is or the weidu.log's content that would hold that info.

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Alright, so I've refined the algorithm here a bit. In the old BG2 Tweaks and Ease of Use, it was brute force: all containers and doors had trapped flags removed and lockpick difficulties set to zero. Floor triggers had a basic check to ensure it wasn't a special event region by checking that it could be detected (values of 1 to 99 inclusive) and then removing the trapped flag.

Tweaks v7 sought to refine this a bit. Containers and doors now only had their traps/locks removed if they had a valid detection/lockpick score, essentially the same 1-99 check that was being applied to floor triggers. The problem was that some containers, such as the ones noted here by @AnonymousHero, have a detection difficulty of zero despite being perfectly valid traps.

So v8 is going to refine the algorithm again. Floor regions, containers, and doors will now check if trap detection is not equal to 100 (instead of 1-99). Scores of 100 are the engine's special undetectable value and the default score for untrapped stuff. Instead of checking on lockpick scores, Tweaks will now directly check if a container or door requires a key, and zero the lockpick score if no key is required. Keep in mind that this change now means you will need to care about keys again instead of just bashing doors, but it should also prevent you from getting into areas and places you shouldn't be.

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