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Is there currently anyone who has the permissions, or has the time, to maintain or add content to the Crossmod Banter Pack? If so,  I have several written and coded banters that can be added to the pack.

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I was actually asking @cmorgan about that. There are many mods that got released and have crossmod banters included in their structure, but perhaps it would be great to add them here as well, keeping the same variables to make sure it won't fire twice. That would help many players so they do not have to wonder in what order NPC mods should be installed so all crossmod talks were installed. @Artemius I I'm also thinking about our stuff here :) It would be so great to see G3 Crossmod Banter Pack getting new versions and new talks...

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@Lava and @Artemius I, If you're checking for crossmod installed as well as the mod you are crossmodding with, double firing shouldn't be an issue. But don't know if ppl do that :)

I am currently updating the mod. However there's a certain structure I am going to advise interested modders to follow so updating isn't a PITA.

If you don't mind waiting, I can put this guide up later. If you like you can send me your crossmod stuff then. 

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The checks would need to work both way, we once talked about it somewhere here long time ago, but also simply using the same global variables is good enough, because the global is set to a different value after one talk anyway so it won't happen twice. Anyway, I think we can wait and I would like Artemius to decide if he's fine with that and want to go that way. For the last few years we've been mostly writing those talks together, between our characters :)

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I mean it's been years since the G3 CBP was updated and we both wrote many new NPCs (I release like...5 NPCs since then? And there are some NPCs from Artemius and they all talk to one another) since the last update and... well, adding that would be a lot of work. I don't want to rush it. Let's see if Artemius likes the idea at all.

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Sounds good :) . Yes, after taking a look at the code it's very straightforward to add to the mod, but also a little tedious. Having modders submit their banters in a format more closely compatible with CBP's requirements would make updating it much easier and quicker. 

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If I am going to add my crossmod to the pack then I'll probably remove them from my own respective NPC mods or ensure that the two won't both be installed. It probably makes no functional difference but I'm extremely picky about redundancies and would rather make sure only what's necessary is added to the game.

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@000  = ~Adding SoA banters between Auren and Sarah...~
   @000  = ~k#aurenb.dlg and/or k#sarahb.dlg not detected. Skipping these particular SoA banters.~

Just an idea - if you change this to @000 (for SoA) and  @001 (for ToB), maybe it's easier to search/replace the numbers across files?


There is crossmod for @Lava's* Skie and my Ajantis, I'd like to move this here, too.

* I don't get this to highlight, no matter what I do. Maybe it's offended because the "@000" gave nothing?

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I can add a note, of course. As long as the two mods use different dlg files it shuldn't lead to mixups, though.

@theacefes In the "setup.tp2" there is still text that should be trayfied:



/* Auren - Sarah SoA Material */    // # of banters
    PRINT @000
    APPEND_OUTER ~crossmodbg2/crossmod_0_debug.log~ ~Adding SoA banters between Auren and Sarah..~
    COMPILE ~crossmodbg2/soa/banters/soa_auren-sarah/soa_elaryn-auren-sarah.d~
    PRINT @000 /* k#aurenb.dlg and/or k#sarahb.dlg not detected. Skipping these particular SoA banters. */
    APPEND_OUTER ~crossmodbg2/crossmod_0_debug.log~ ~K#AurenB.dlg and/or K#SarahB.dlg not detected. Skipping these particular SoA banters.~


To extend on my above suggestion. I'd go with @000 - @003 to reduce mixup potential of text lines per contribution.

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