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2019 Auren Wishlist


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Yeah...I don't know. I replayed BGEE and the stupid modding bug bit me. 

I'm going to do an update to Auren this year. The stuff I plan to update is pretty simple but it's been a LONG time since I looked at the code.

If anyone reading this wants to make a request, I can possibly add it to the list, just keep in mind that things like "make her romanceable", "add more talks", or "make the Nalia romance optional on install" probably won't happen. I'm getting too old for this.


  • Allow her to wait at an inn if she leaves the party
  • Change her banters to be real time based (they are currently game time..WHY DID I DO THIS)
  • Fix what I thought I saw was an interjection bug or 3.
  • Remaster her music tracks
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22 hours ago, Isewein said:

Crossmod with Kulyok's Reunion! Seriously, that'd be a great ToB conclusion to their story. Even if it were nothing but some tiny acknowledgment of saving 'their' castle (again).

I actually haven't played that one yet - I'll have to look into it!

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You absolutely should! The writing is great, as in Kulyok's other mods, but this one fits more smoothly into the story than the others. 


Essentially, it's another invasion of Chateau de'Arnise - but with a new twist to it, as the target is CHARNAME this time around. Still, Nalia obviously has some content, and I can imagine it would tie in nicely with Auren's and Nalia's 'saving the princess' arc (if I remember it correctly; it's been a long while).


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