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A Most Wonderful Mod!


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*adds voice to chorus*


I'd argue that the BG1 NPC project is the single most worthwhile mod I've played from more than a dozen infinity engine mods, simply because it adds the most to the game. New quests are neat, new npcs are neat, rules modifications can be great fun, but the NPC project raises the game to a whole new level of immersiveness. (not in the dictionary, but still applies.)


Ever since playing torment I haven't been able to stand games with mute mules for NPCs, so thank you for making BG1 as fun as part 2 again for me.

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I just spend some time to traify this mod (version 11 for BGT) and realised that tra files made 3,7 Mb!!! Woah!!! It is bigger than BGToSC dialig file itself.

Now I understand why no one befoer never tried to translate this mod.


Hail to the authors!!!

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Guest, please, do not do the TRA at this point of time. There will be some updates to the mod, and all your work will go to waste. We will release the TRA'fied version when we are ready.


There were people who tried to translate the mod, for example the French team with Mathrim was doing a fantastic job.


But in the end, it is better to do everything in an organized manner, so people do not have to re-do the titanic jopb they had already done.


We'd like to be aware of the translations that will be done for the mod.


In this thread, there is a discussion on the subject:


and here is our conclusions:




So, to summarize the discussion here and elsewhere:


1) I, Domi, will try to produce TRA version with the next release of the mod (barring the unforeseen). //for Version 12

2) If anyone wants to translate the mod, we'd like to hear from them before they start writting up a storm, and to see a sample of their translation.


BG1NPC Translation Contacts:


German translation contact is Jastey

Russian translation contact is Kulyok

French translation contact is Domi (for now)


If anyone is interested in translating into any other language, let us know, and we'll figure something out.

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Thank you not just for the great additions to the roleplaying immersion, the character-enhancements/enrichment, and the occasional npc "gifts"; thanks also for the quick and detailed network of help when something doesn't go as planned.


3 concurrent "good" games, all with different characters and combinations... it was almost a letdown to finally finish one off completely ('though I had to see the Dynaheir cutscene). Well, back to the beginning, to try the "Dark Side"!

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I'll join the chorus (and raise a slightly old topic) to say that this is a great mod and I appreciate all the effort that went into it. I'm only on my first playthrough with Tutu and BG1NPC, but now I want to try all the NPCs I've never given a second thought to, just to see their dialogue. The interjections in particular never fail to surprise me - sometimes I always thought an NPC should say something in a particular spot, and often they do, but sometimes I'm not expecting anything and someone says something and it just fits. Sorry if that didn't make any sense, but... When I played vanilla BG, I would always imagine what the NPCs would say to events, to each other, etc, and this mod fits with the ideas I've had about the NPCs - some new ideas, but nothing that I wouldn't be able to believe - and it all just sort of works together to make it a really fun experience. I've only tried the Xan romance (and a great romance it is, too, made me cry at one point) so far, but I really want to try all the others.


In short: Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful mod and the brilliant writing and coding that went into it.

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Thank you, I am glad you are enjoying yourself. I am always happy to hear when people say that they'd like to try out different NPCs. One of the most wonderful aspects of BG1 is that you can build so many different parties and see or imagine the chemistries between these strange adventurers ;)

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