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Angelo v6 Released


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The official announcement...

G3 is pleased to announce the release of Version 6 of Angelo.  This Baldur's Gate II mod adds Angelo Dosan, the fighter-turned-mage who served as your brother's henchman in Baldur's Gate. You may remember that he sentenced you to death and fought against you in the Undercity, and if you were lucky enough to mine the content, you may remember that he is Shar-Teel's father. Most likely he didn't survive your game, but people in this world seem to have a knack for not staying dead. Version 6 brings native EET compatibility to the mod, numerous bug fixes and optimizations, and item description corrections on EE games. You can learn more about the mod on the project page or the forums . The mod download can be found in the download center.

And my unofficial notes...

v6 started with a bug report on Discord about the sounds not working on Linux. Once I was working on it already, EET updates were easy to add. A review of the items led to some minor bugfixes and description updates and I had enough for a release. With @Sister Vigilante and @Kulyok's permission, v6 was packaged and released and also put up on Github.

v6 Changelog

  • Now works natively on EET
  • Fixed bug where sounds and music did not work on case-sensitive operating systems (e.g. most Linux distros)
  • Some additional modernization and optimization
  • Fixed numerous minor bugs with items; e.g. many of the items that provided immunities did not block all effects, weapon speed factors were incorrect, etc.
  • On EE games, items will now match the EE descriptions in style and form. Also corrected some minor errors in the item descriptions for both original and EE games
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If you had only one character and you could not touch the modding scene (hopefully, this will never happen...) I would love to see Angelo talking with Yoshimo, from Yoshimo's remorse, made by @jmaeq and @Lava
I feel like so, given that the background of these two characters is extremely interesting. There is a variety of topics they could touch (e.g second chances, etc)

If I had a list of ALL the characters I would love to see with Crossmod, these would be:

1) Ajantis and Soulafein by @jastey
2) the two npcs @jmaeq adds with Beaurin's legacy
3) @Lava Foundling


There is another list, but I feel like these people are nowadays missing from the modding scene. But I still would give it a chance, even by trying to get in touch with them, even to receive a no:

4) Arath by @K'aloree. But a part of me would say that Nephele should be considered (given that Jastey has released a new version)
5) Yeslick BG2 (see here: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/71720/mod-yeslick-bg2-now-also-available-for-bg2ee). 
6) Neh'taniel by Kitanna (https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/73758/mod-nehtaniel-npc-for-bg2-bg2-ee).
7) Coran by @Kulyok and Branwen? 
😎 Longer Road (Irenicus) by Dorotea.

Thanks for reading the post and apologize for my greedyness.

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For some strange reason I can't edit the post anymore, apart from the upper part.
I would also add another npc amongst the list of these that author doesn't seem to be active anymore, and that's

- Kivan and Deheriana by Domi.
- Coran and Branwen by Kulyok

Edited by Arthas
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16 minutes ago, Arthas said:

apologize for my greedyness.

Really, there is nothing more charming for a modder than the prove that her mods are actually being played. :)

Just in case: I am always open for NPC banters, but they do not come easy to me. If I get a draft or even just a first line I'd figure out what Ajantis /Solaufein would answer, though.

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This mod is outstanding, but I've encountered a problem with EET - namely, that you can't summon Angelo from the fate spirits in the trilogy, which is quite a shame, seeing how he has quite a few things to say to Sarevok.

Several other characters (Gavin, Tyris Flare) don't get summoned either. (I tested it by selecting a new TOB campaign rather than playing through SOA).

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