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When/where are NPC sound sets changed for SoD?

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Hey, apologies if this is actually a general mod question and not EET specific, I'm just not sure so I'm asking here.

I'd like to wirte a small tweak to prevent NPCs from getting their SoD character sounds but have so far not been able to locate where and how the sound sets are actually changed.

I've looked at these files so far:

 .. but could not find anything.

Looking at a SoD save game it looks like Misnc (for example) still has his BG1 sound set, yet in-game he uses his SoD lines?

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They are updated dynamically via SetPlayerSound(). You can find them in the respective SoD NPC scripts (e.g. bdminsc.bcs, bdedwin.bcs, etc.).

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Thanks Argent,

that means NPC sound sets can be adjusted individually, that's pretty cool..

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Made a quick mod and tested it in my own EET install so I guess it should work fine for EET and vanilla SoD games..

can be found here.

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