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My new "Made in Heaven" mods

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On 3/27/2019 at 6:14 AM, CamDawg said:

I played through on my latest BGEE/SoD/BG2EE run; here are some minor bugs I found. This is on a modded install, so it's possible some of these are caused by one of the other mods:

  • White Hide of Umpluutu should remove spin160 three times, not just once (the salamander form comes with three castings of this)
  • Radiant Star base enchantment set to 4, not 1
  • Listed weight of Gauntlets of Smiting, Helm of Valor, and Gem of Seeing is incorrect
  • Redethemar +4 speed factor should be 3; vorpal hits should have text
  • Foesplitter, Arundur Ore, Lux Veritatis, Catclaw, Final Strike, Pearl of Power, Potion of Clairvoyance, and nearly all rings don't list their weight
  • Unicorn Horn has a superfluous ability
  • Foesplitter, Trollkiller, Catclaw, and Final Strike list damage with extra space (e.g. 1d4 +3 instead of 1d4+3)
  • Telkiira ioun stone protects against critical hits
  • Bow of Eletha - Longbows in EE use "Longbow" as proficiency in descripts (no space); casts MM at level 12
  • Storm's Garter, Bow of Eletha, Bag of Tricks, Ring of Water Control, and Staff of Moradin's Breath +2 can use abilities without identification
  • Pearl of Power restoration should probably be power 0
  • Oil of Acid Resistance effects are almost all set at power 6
  • Ring of Shocking Grasp should have portrait icon for electrical resistance
  • Ring of Protection from Silence should block the 'silence' and 'silenced' strings (14002, 14676 in BG2(EE))
  • Ring of Mind Shielding blocks detect alignment; should be noted in descript or deleted
  • Robe of the Necromancer should have a Protection from Poison portrait icon
  • Meteoric Shield +2 should have a protection from magical energy portrait icon
  • Ankheg Shield +1 requires 9 strength; descript says 12
  • Shield of the Three Kings +5 provides an undocumented +10% MR
  • Shield of the Revenant +2 actually casts Repulse Undead instead of Undead Ward
  • Mystery of the Dead +3 blocks opcode 313, not 13; should also block disintegrate (238)
  • Waukeen's Defender +2 should have a magic resistance portrait icon
  • Alicorn Spear provides an undocumented immunity to intoxication
  • Staff of Rumathil +2 lists prof as "Staff" instead of "Quarterstaff"
  • Staff of Moradin's Breath +2 should have speed factor 2; look into adding to dialogue options in orphan1.dlg for ToB
  • Staff of the Legion +5 bonus damage is 1d8+2, not the listed 1d8+3; suggest moving VT to probability 40-59 to make it an independent effect
  • Staff of Water +2 plays sound (and forces save) for non-water elementals on melee attacks
  • A few weapons (Sword of the Planes) list damage type on a separate line instead of on the damage line
  • Sword of the Planes (+1 and +4) should have a speed factor of 1
  • Terminus Est, Smythe's Slicer use non-EE format for their weight in descripts
  • Smythe's Slicer is a +3 enchantment weapon instead of base +1
  • Amaunator's Legacy should be speed factor 5
  • Rusty Katana, Amaunator's Legacy, and Pale Justice are all flagged as breakable in their melee abilities (intentional for Rusty Katana?)
  • Pale Justice has an extra dash in its immunities: "Immunity to charm- and fear effects"
  • The MR lowering effect of Golden Sky +2 doesn't work since param1/2 are inverted
  • Bonus cold damage from Cold Flame +3 is set to power 8

A couple of general suggestions--add tooltip.2da entries for items which provide more than one usable ability. For items which cast spells using 146/148, don't bother setting primary/secondary on item abilities in case some other mod wants to change the underlying primary/secondaries. Also, the 10% XP boost from the various tomes is massive--using them for my fighter-thief (via UAI) in late BG2 could net several levels per tome. I'd suggest lowering it significantly, dropping it outright, or make it a static bonus based on level.

And the most critical, absolutely have to fix bug: Girdle of Dwarvenkind does not actually provide infravision. Literally unplayable.

Overall, I thought it was a very solid mix of items, well-balanced, and thoughtfully placed. The tomes were the only item I felt were egregiously powerful, though there were a couple of other items which can make significant battles trivial (looking at you, Dragon's Tear, and Mutamin's Cloak despite the fact that it makes sense game-wise). This will definitely be a staple mod for any future playthroughs.

Alright, thank you very much for taking the time to try my handiwork and write this bug report, and thank you even more for actually making it a stable in your setup.  This is something I never expected to happen with a little mod that I threw together for my own enjoyment.  Anyway, I've already started looking into these and will have them fixed in the next release.  Most of them are typos, or artifacts left by conversion from IWD in a few cases.

A few remarks on some of them:

- Oil of Acid Resistance effects are almost all set at power 6:

This item was actually made by editing a copy of the (non-EE) BG2 version of the Potion of Fire Resistance.  A bug that needs fixing there?  Anyway, I will change these and other item effects to zero.

- Mystery of the Dead +3 blocks opcode 313, not 13; should also block disintegrate (238)

These immunities were actually copied from the Death Ward spell (non-EE BG2, again).  It's possibly I made a mistake, but it's also possible that Death Ward doesn't actually block these effects.  I will look into it.

- Rusty Katana, Amaunator's Legacy, and Pale Justice are all flagged as breakable in their melee abilities (intentional for Rusty Katana?)

Intentional for the katana (and I'll make a note of it in the description), an artifact left by conversion from (non-EE) IWD for the others.  Yes, IWD actually has these set for some reason.

- Bonus cold damage from Cold Flame +3 is set to power 8

This item was made by editing Varscona +2 which also has it set that way, so I thought that's how it is supposed to be.  I'll change it though.


As for the overpowered tomes, I'll see what I can do.  I must admit that I didn't take UAI into account when making these.  Making the XP gain level-based is probably a good idea, and I should perhaps also make it so that a single character can use only one tome ever, regardless of class.  Definitely noted for the next release.

As for making some fights too easy, I suppose you are referring to the basilisks in BG1, and the demi-liches in BG2/ToB.  I did consider that actually, but I went through with it anyway.  Here are my thoughts on the subject.

For BG1, Mutamin's Garden already is an XP bonanza for a well-prepared party.  A scroll of Protection from Petrification can be obtained as early as Nashkel and lasts for half a game day, easily enough to clear the field.  Add to that the fact that Protection from Petrification is a first level spell for wizards and Potions of Mirrored Eyes aren't that hard to find either, and I don't think my cloak really changes that much.  Besides, you already have to have some sort of protection to deal with Mutamin and his "pets".

But if this really is a concern, there are a few things that can mitigate it.  First of all, if you install my item mod before SCS, I think SCS will actually detect the immunity and make basilisks adapt their strategy.  I haven't tested this yet though.  Secondly, I have another mod in development that among other things, gives greater basilisks their poison cloud that they should have according to P&P.  The cloak won't save you from that.  That same mod will also introduce a few new monsters that are on par with greater basilisks in power but do not rely on petrification attacks...

For demiliches in BG2, installing SCS will probably work as well, especially the "Spellcasting Demiliches" component.  I have no plans here for mods of my own, but I might consider it for the future.  I do have "Van Richten's Guide to the Lich" which has some interesting options for additional lich powers...

One item I am myself concerned about is Amaunator's Legacy +3 which will really do a number on most undead, including vampires.  I may have to nerf it a little somehow, but I'm still thinking on it.  Perhaps replacing Sunburst with the weaker False Dawn is an option.


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Well, I fixed all the bugs CamDawg found.  Yes, even the big critical one with the Girdle of Dwarvenkind. ^^

As for the Staff of Water, the other elemental staves already in the game have the same problem, so I decided to leave that one for now until the other staves are fixed in EE/Fixpack.  Then I can probably ride along on that fix (just like the Ring of Water Control already does).

Now to see what I can do about the overpowered items...

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Guest Arthas

I'm not sure you should touch the overpowered items. 

They add flavour (Especially the tome). I guess one can choose not to use them (?)

By the way, I lost my account password. damn

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1 hour ago, agnes said:

Can this be made compatible with EET?

It's untested with EET at the moment, but I can't think of any reason why it wouldn't work.  I followed the instructions for BG2 item imports and I use g3_eet_cpmvars, so it should work.

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I made the v2 release of the item pack.  This fixes the bugs found by CamDawg and others and makes a few more changes.  A couple of the bigger tweaks were moved to a separate mod to avoid install order issues.

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9 minutes ago, Brokenkatana said:

When downloading your item pack, I noticed you have an encounters and quest pack. Is that ready to be played?

I'm currently testing it.  The BG1 part should be playable, but I can't guarantee it will be bug-free.

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