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My new "Made in Heaven" mods

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1 hour ago, Angel said:

Yeah, I'm not quite satisfied with this one myself.  I really did give them ju-ju zombie stats as per the MM, but I guess those aren't enough of a challenge either after the ankhegs.  I'll have to think on this one.

My suggestion on SCS forums was MORE ZOMBIES! Like instead of small clumps you have to fight them all at the same time. Or maybe after turning in the initial quest some necromancer shows up and summons a small army and you have to protect the farmer.

1 hour ago, Angel said:

Mm, this is not intentional.  I pretty much copied them from wyverns.  I'll have to look into this one.  I might keep it though, I kinda like it. ^^

I didn't mind the immunity either (too many enemies can be dealt with by kiting + ranged damage as it is). The lack of message was just confusing and I thought they had stoneskin or something at first.

1 hour ago, Angel said:

This is indeed a bit of a concern, between my own modifications plus Northern Tales, Stone of Askavar and Serpents of Abbathor, I actually hit the Siege of Dragonspear XP cap (500,000) near the end of BG1.  My paladin is typically level 9 when going up against Sarevok (but with what SCS does to him, I don't feel that is overpowered).  It does tend to make SoD and the start of BG2 quite a bit easier than intended though.  But if people have a problem with this, they can also install the XP Mod and tone the rewards down.

I don't use big quest mods myself so just this mod on it's own won't make that big a difference. I've always thought basilisks give too much XP however, and there's a lot more of them now so I wouldn't mind a component that lowers XP rewards. Still, SoD is a much bigger offender regarding BG2 balance so it's not a big deal.

1 hour ago, Angel said:

Have you considered using my spell pack as well?

I'm even pickier about spell/kit mods since SCS doesn't take them into consideration and it feels like cheating. Some of the individual components do look interesting now that I checked, additional paladin powers especially. Gonna be a while b4 I start a new game however. :p

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1 hour ago, Arthas said:

I know I shouldn't ask, that I'm not reviewing your stuff and that I'm not deep as the other people here actually putting out an extensive review for your stuff, but I truly like your work and I would also be interested in your tweaks to difficulty for BG2.

Modding is hard and often frustrating, a few words of encouragement do mean a lot actually.

I just put up v3 of both the item pack and the encounters&quests pack, the latter now has some BG2 stuff.  It should also fix the install errors, during my tests it installed cleanly on BG2 (with fixpack), BGT, BGEE and BG2EE.



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I realize what you say, but I feel that the difference between seeming needy/annoying and being supportive in the internet is in the eye of the beholder.


Thank you for your work!  I will take a look at the new release. I'm happy new content is out.


Edit: by the way,

1) did I understand wrong or you use Scs?

2) For the zombie area in Bg1, would it be a bad idea to actually add a gem  that supposedly makes them spawn ? It could be an "evil" artifact that was splitted in pieces that you have to find while scouting around. Some places that could reasonably contain pieces of it:
- [maybe] one of the zombies (a zombie different from the other - a boss that is bigger and stronger - or let the gem drop from a container on the map, where most of the zombies are amassed.
- the mad cleric
- The ruins near the temple of Bhaal
- Durlag's tower

If you are good it could be delivered to temples once complete; if you are evil you could retain it for yourself.

Let it be strong for my evil charnames, please!

Added bonus if you could actually bring it with you from BG1 to BG2 and actually find some pieces also in BG2 

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"OMG people actually play this!?"

Yep - and agree with the others that I'm really enjoying your mod.

Just started a new game w/ v2 and felt the difference when i couldn't just pick off a Dread Wolf w/ ranged weapons.

Can't wait to see how your "Enhanced Xvart Village" + Big Picture's "Improved Xvart Village" stack up - Should be amazing!

I would go so far as to say that MIH + SCS is now the new "gold standard" for tactics mods.

Thank you - thank you - thank you.


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On 12/6/2019 at 5:01 PM, Chitown Willie said:


Quick Q: Since I'm running v2, is it possible to manually apply the fix from v3 to tone down the wights?


Since I did not make any big changes in areas between v2 and v3 (and most of the new v3 stuff is for SoD and BG2 anyway), you can probably uninstall v2, install v3, and continue where you were without any ill effect.  Do remember to remove the v2 files and folders before unpacking v3.

On 12/6/2019 at 4:58 PM, Chitown Willie said:

"OMG people actually play this!?"

Yep - and agree with the others that I'm really enjoying your mod.

Just started a new game w/ v2 and felt the difference when i couldn't just pick off a Dread Wolf w/ ranged weapons.

Double surprising for me since I never really announced E&Q like I did the item- and spell packs.  And yes, dread wolves are fairly powerful with these changes.  I always felt they were way too easy for their 650 xp worth.  And mind you, I only implemented their P&P version as closely as I could, I did not tag on any "extras".

But wait till you get to the winter wolves, and when you do remember I actually have been rather merciful with those, their P&P and IWD counterparts are even nastier. ^^

Edited by Angel
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On 12/2/2019 at 1:52 PM, Lilaina said:

I didn't mind the immunity either (too many enemies can be dealt with by kiting + ranged damage as it is). The lack of message was just confusing and I thought they had stoneskin or something at first.

Alright, I checked this out.  This seems to be an EE thing, all dragons in BGEE and BG2EE are immune to non-magical arrows, bolts and thrown spears.  The immunity is patched into the hidden item dragring.itm that all dragons have equipped.  This was not present in the original BG2.  Unfortunately, adding a message to this is not possible.  However, for fairness' sake (and because I like this actually) I will at least make sure they have the same immunity in a non-EE game.

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On ‎12‎/‎2‎/‎2019 at 11:54 AM, Angel said:
On ‎12‎/‎2‎/‎2019 at 9:41 AM, Lilaina said:

edit. Oh yeah, one more thing. The Ioun Stone animation is kinda fast and distracting. Is there some way to slow it down? Other mods that add them have also had the same issue so I assume it's an engine limitation?

This was actually directly copied from D0Tweaks.  There might be a way, but I am not very proficient with editing bam- or vvc files yet, so I don't know how to.  If you want to, you can turn the animation off in the .ini file though.

They can be slowed down by reducing the frame rate in the vvc files.

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3 hours ago, grodrigues said:

Installing (some) the components from the BG1 Encounters group, Ramazith's Tower fails with:

"ERROR: [AR7242.are] -> [override] Patching Failed (COPY) (Failure("Adding non-existent actor basill to area!"))"

On classical BGT + ToBEx on arch linux. Weidu log attached.

Yes, that's a BGT quirk, for some reason basill.cre is not in BGT even though it was in BG1 (and it is in BGEE).  I thought I had fixed it everywhere, but apparently I missed this one.  I'm working on a new version that will have this fixed, but in the meantime if you want to fix it yourself you can do so by replacing all instances of "basill" in folder mih_ip/tables/ramaziths_tower_l5.2da by either "bgbasill" or "basles01".  It will also be fixed if you install either the "Enhanced Mutamin's Garden" or "Enhanced Durlag's Tower" components before this one.

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On 12/27/2019 at 12:12 PM, Arthas said:

are items specifically for EE described inside the readme?

Not in the readme, but you can check the item lists in the docs folder.  If you want to experiment, as far as I know the only item that won't work with BGT is the Medallion of the Arctic (mh#amul9), that one uses an opcode not found in the old engine.  I've not tested this in any way though.

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12 minutes ago, Arthas said:

I don't know if you already added that, because I still didn't play your enhanced candlekeep, but have you considered adding 


with some awesome loot, provided that you could beat her? 😛

An interesting tidbit of information, but a great wyrm ghost dragon should be totally beyond what a level 6-8 BG1 party can handle (in a properly balanced game).  Still, I might do at least something with that in a future version.

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