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stats.ids vs Detectable spells (SCS)


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We're trying to figure out how to best handle the dynamic stats.ids (re)generation and extension that DS does. Eg. in SCS: https://github.com/Gibberlings3/SwordCoastStratagems/blob/master/stratagems/ds/ds.tph#L460

It would be really handy if we could see all those flexible stats at 400+ that get added and I thought the sole mention of stats_extra.2da might have it. But a user says it doesn't exist, so I'm confused and looking for other shortcuts.

We use our own override in gemrb to not have a headache with all ~10 engine variants, so I'd rather patch scs and any other mod relying on random stats over 400 than change that. The easy way out would be to just also install a duplicate of the final stats.ids, which we can then use to extend ours, but maybe a smaller interim file already exists and would do.

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4 hours ago, DavidW said:

SCS hot-generates its added stats and SPLSTATE entries, so they don’t have consistent values on different installs.

I think he wants a full list of names, not values? As long as he avoids overlapping them with duplicates assigned to the same value, it shouldn't matter, as the function will simply read and return the already assigned value.


PS So I can't even copy and paste the quote. **** Invision.

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I don't really care what numbers they resolve to, as long as they do. Our file effectively hides the mod created one at runtime (it's the only hard override we use). For scripts it of course works, while dialogs actions aren't compiled, so we have a problem.

But projectiles aren't a problem, since there we ourselves use an extra file to define all the base missing ones. First projectl.ids is read then ours on top of it. Some of the original ids might get overriden, but mod problems would be easy to fix.

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