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Music and Voice

Grim Squeaker

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If anyone of you have played Thief II, how about the pagan village music of the "Trail of Blood" mission? I'm really not sure this is appropriate though, it's pretty sad and gloomy. Also, there are the issues of stealing this from another game to think about.


If anyone's interested in this, I could send this music clip to you. It's 6.01 MB in size.


As to having VOs, they certainly couldn't hurt, but they're certainly not essential. If it's plausible, I say go for it.



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Heh, its not that we aren't interested necessarily Uriel, just that things have been busy :D


Also, I can't receive that large of a clip in my e-mail :D


As for the voice-overs, it seems everyone wants them...as long as it doesn't screw with my style, I suppose I will go that route.

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About "stones", I have two versions of it:


1. The Ultima 9 version, it's 11.3 MB in size, quite  enchanting IMO, played on the harp, I believe. In WAV format.


2. The Ultima 7 version, weighing in at a paltry 4.36 KB,

*much* less quality, but basically the same as #1. In MIDI format.


Uriel, now shutting up.

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Heh, thanks for the offer Uriel.  As I said, I don't have an account that it could be sent to for easy access though :D


At least the first one, that is.  I'm sure my e-mail can hande the second.  I will think about it.  I just want to get the majority of banters done.

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