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SPELL.IDS coding discussion

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spells.2da theoretically determines which spells are automatically displayed in-game.  In vanilla, the file did nothing, but ToBEx made it work.  I don't know whether the EEs use it or not.  (I assume they don't, since the file only goes up to 7th level.)

ADD_SPELL in WeiDU currently only considers adding spells in the range 1 to 50 and will display a message if it can't find a spot ("Couldn't add X to spell.ids as no slots remain").  It wouldn't be hard to change it to read from spells.2da, but you'd need to write a separate mod that would increase the limits in spells.2da (and update hidespl.2da accordingly).  If spells.2da isn't used in the EEs, this doesn't seem very worthwhile.

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Spells.2da exists in the EEs, it looks like this:

2DA V1.0
            1      2      3      4      5      6     7
MAGE        50     50     50     50     50     50    50
PRIEST      50     50     50     50     50     50    50

I had no idea what it was meant to do... and have no idea whether it does anything now.

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18 hours ago, kjeron said:

It works - to reduce the number of spells available below the first 50.  Raising the number above 50 does nothing however.

So, to sum up:

As far as CharGen and level up (for Sorcerers and Shamans) are concerned, you cannot exceed 50, otherwise the spell will not appear. Instead, as far as learning a spell from a scroll is concerned, then you can safely exceed 50, you'll be able to copy it to your spell book. Is that right?

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